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What is the shuffle song on TikTok?

What is the shuffle song on TikTok?

It’s almost always set to “Friendships” by Pascal Letoublon, but not using any of the official tracks available via a TikTok search. You need to use the portion of the song that user rawston_ extracted and uploaded to TikTok.

What is Cupid Shuffle line dance?

This freestyle solo dance is a hip-hop version of country-western four-wall line dances like the “Electric Slide” and the “Cha Cha Slide.” It was popularized by a young R&B singer called Cupid from Lafayette, Louisiana, on his 2007 album, Time for a Change (but could have been around for a while, known as the “ …

Who sing the Cupid Shuffle?

Cupid Shuffle/Artists

Who is DJ raphi?

DJ Raphi is the stage name of Raphael Nathan, a Johannesburg-born beatboxer, dancer, DJ and recording artist currently based in Jerusalem, Israel. He is known in some circles under the moniker DJ Four Eyez. [19] DJ Four Eyez’s soundtrack work is licensed by the Dominance Records label.

Who sings the original Cupid Shuffle?

Who recorded the Cupid Shuffle?

What is the history of the Cupid Shuffle?

The Cupid Shuffle line dance was inspired by the hip-hop artist of the same name, Cupid. It became popular in Cupid’s hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana, and rose to stardom at weddings and nightclubs. Hip-hop line dancing started in the late 1990s as a spin-off of country music line dancing.

Who sings the Cuban shuffle song?

“Cupid Shuffle” is a song by Cupid from his 2007 studio album Time for a Change. It has spawned a popular line dance and has drawn comparisons to DJ Casper ‘s ” Cha Cha Slide .”.

Who sang the Cupid Shuffle?

Bryson Bernard (born October 10, 1982) better known by his stage name Cupid, is an American singer born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has released four albums, and is best known for the single ” Cupid Shuffle “.