What is the science behind magic milk?

What is the science behind magic milk?

In this magic milk experiment the milk and food coloring form a little dome. However, when dish soap is poured over the surface, the surface tension is broken because the dish soap breaks those bonds. This causes the colored milk to spread out like a flood over the surface of the milk.

How does the Magic Rainbow milk science experiment work?

When droplets of food coloring are placed onto the milk’s surface, the food coloring stays suspended on the surface in a small area. When you touch a cotton swab soaked in soap to the milk, the colors spread throughout the milk creating colorful swirls.

How do you do magic milk science project?


  1. Pour some milk into a shallow dish or bowl until the milk covers the bottom. Tip: Be sure to use either Whole or 2% Milk.
  2. Add some drops of food coloring on the milk.
  3. Add a drop of dish soap into the center of the milk.
  4. Watch in amazement as the colors dances across the surface of the milk.

Why is magic milk a chemical reaction?

The fat and proteins are super sensitive to changes in the milk and so when the dishwashing liquid is added a chemical reaction occurs. The soap and fat work hard to join together, which causes the movement. When food colouring is added we are able to witness this chemical reaction occurring.

How do you explain magic milk to a child?

MAGIC MILK EXPLAINED When the dish soap is added to the milk, those molecules run around and try to attach to the fat molecules in the milk. You wouldn’t see this without the food coloring! The food coloring looks like fireworks because it’s getting bumped around!

Why does the color changing milk experiment work?

Why? The food coloring in the whole milk bowl will move the fastest because the dish soap bonds, or holds tight, with the fat in the milk. This bond is so strong that the water and the food coloring are pushed out. Everything else has to dance out of the way to make room for the dish soap and fat bond.

How does the color changing milk experiment work?

The key concept students will learn is that the weak chemical bonds that hold the proteins in the milk are altered when the dish soap is added. The molecules of fat and proteins bend, roll, and twist in all directions causing the food coloring to react and look like exploding fireworks.

How long does magic milk last?

6-9 months
Magic Milk lasts longer than typical sealants. Magic Milk normally stays liquid for 6-9 months in cool weather and 3-4 in hotter areas.

Why does dish soap repel food coloring in milk?

Detergent, such as liquid dish soap, is mostly surfactants. As the soap spread out from the cotton swab, it decreased the milk’s surface tension around it, and the higher surface tension surrounding this area pulled the milk (along with its food coloring) toward it.

Does Magic milk work with almond milk?

Magic Milk Variations Try Different Milk Types We have used almond and cow’s milk for this experiment and both worked well. You can also experiment with cream, whole milk, and skim milk to see if there is a difference. Premix the soap and milk For a variation we premixed the milk and dish soap.

Can you use cold water for Skittles experiment?

Arrange the Skittles in a single row colored pattern around the edge of the plate of each plate. Pour over enough cold water to cover all the Skittles and the plate itself on the first plate. Watch and wait as a rainbow appears on the second plate, the colors will move towards the middle and create a whirl of color.

How to do a Magic Rainbow Milk science experiment?

Magic Rainbow Milk Science Experiment Instructions Step 1 – . Pour some milk into a shallow dish or bowl until the milk covers the bottom. Step 2 – . Add some drops of food coloring on the milk. You can use a variety of colors, just be sure to add 3-4 drops… Step 3 – . Add a drop of dish soap

What kind of food coloring to use in magic milk experiment?

Here are some printable instructions: Milk (Must be either Whole or 2%) Food Coloring. The more colors the better Pour some milk into a shallow dish or bowl until the milk covers the bottom. Tip: Be sure to use either Whole or 2% Milk

What kind of milk do you use for magic milk?

Try it with skim milk, 1% milk, 2% milk, whole milk, half and half, and cream. Consider even trying evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk. See how the amount of fat affects the explosion of color!

How to make a science experiment with milk?

Turn it into a science experiment: Explore other varieties of milk including reduced fat milk, heavy cream, and even alternative milks! EASY COLORING CHANGING MILK EXPERIMENT FOR KIDS! Click on the image below or on the link for more fun winter science experiments.