What is the same meaning of branched out?

What is the same meaning of branched out?

to expand or extend one’s interests. I continued studying moths, and branched out to other insects. Synonyms. expand. diversify.

Is Branch out an idiom?

Separate into subdivisions; strike off in a new direction. For example, Our software business is branching out into more interactive products, or Bill doesn’t want to concentrate on just one field; he wants to branch out more. This term alludes to the growth habits of a tree’s limbs.

How do you use branch out?

to start to do something different from what you usually do, especially in your job: This designer has recently branched out into children’s wear. After a couple of years working for other people, she branched out on her own (= started her own business).

What is another word for branch off?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for branch-off, like: diverge, separate, part, fork, divide and veer.

What is branch out in git?

GIT: Branching Out. Branching means, you diverge from the main line of development and continue to do work without messing with that main line. In many VCS tools, this is a somewhat expensive process, often requiring you to create a new copy of your source code directory, which can take a long time for large projects.

Which word means the same as separated and branched off?

✌✌Word same as : ⭕Separated: Diverged. ⭕Branched off: bent.

What is the opposite word of branch?

What is the opposite of branch?

divide separate
sever split
sunder widen
keep apart

How do I exit a Git branch?

In order to work on the freshly created branch, run git checkout myBranch ….The functions of the command are:

  1. Exit current branch.
  2. Create a new branch myBranch ( git branch myBranch ) from the commit you specified.
  3. Switch myBranch as current branch ( git checkout myBranch ).

Which is the correct definition of branch out?

branch out. (from something) 1. Lit. [for a branch] to grow out of a branch or trunk. (Having to do with plants and trees.) A twig branched out of the main limb and grew straight up.

Why do people want to use branching out?

Cognizant of the value of amateurism, Branching Out wanted to achieve newsstand appeal while still being open to a variety of content.

What does it mean to branch out from the aorta?

1. To split or move away from something. The subclavian artery branches out from the aorta. 2.