What is the rotation pattern in volleyball?

What is the rotation pattern in volleyball?

Each time a team wins a side out or gets possession of the serve, the new serving team rotates clockwise. Each player rotates one spot—the left front rotates to the middle front position, the middle front rotates to the right-front position, the right front rotates to the right-back position and so on.

What does hut mean in volleyball?

Hut/Go: This is a set that is to the outside hitter with a high arc, intended to land just inside of the antenna. This can also be called a (4) set. Front/Back Slide: This is a quick set that is shot out horizontally either in front of, or behind, the setter.

What does 4-2 mean in volleyball?

Four – two offense A volleyball offensive system that includes 4 hitters and 2 setters. The two setters play opposite one another in the rotation and each set when they are front row players. The 4 – 2 has the advantage of always having the setter on the front row.

What is the 4-2 system in volleyball?

The 4-2 serve receive is the most basic volleyball offensive system. In a 4-2 system you have 2 setters and only 4 hitters. The two setters play opposite one another on the court. The setter that is on the front row sets for thatrotation.

What are the positions in volleyball?

The main volleyball positions in volleyball are setter, outside hitter, libero, middle hitter, and opposite. The setter position is usually considered the most important. The setter is like the quarterback. The setter touches the ball more than any other player.

What is a line up in volleyball?

Volleyball Rotations – Creating a serving order (team line up) Before the game starts, the coach needs to fill out a line up sheet. The order of players is very important. Basically, if you have two setters, they need to play opposite each other in the line up. Same with other positions.