What is the role of the right shoulder in the golf swing?

What is the role of the right shoulder in the golf swing?

As a good golfer’s lead shoulder (left for right-handers) stops rotating away from the target and the torso dips a little toward the ball, the right shoulder keeps coiling. Many amateurs turn the shoulders together in the backswing and downswing, leading to swing-path issues that cause them to hit slices and pulls.

What moves first in golf downswing?

The correct golf downswing sequence starts with a pressure shift to the lead leg, followed by an externally rotated trail arm to shallow the angle of the club, before rotating the torso through to impact.

Do you swing with your right side or left side?

Power your swing with your right side, but strive to retain the angle in your right wrist for as long as possible. More angle here means a greater, faster release at impact. Lastly, don’t over-prepare for a right-sided strike.

What happens when your right hand rolls over on a golf swing?

As the right hand is rolling over, it can create a lot of misses left. If you get too quick during transition and you flip the face shut, expect a lot of misses starting left and going even further left. These can be huge misses that can equate to some big numbers on the scorecard.

How to fire the right side in a golf downswing?

That is exactly the way you would have a tossing motion, it would be the right side, the head, the eyes and spine would release. You would not throw a ball underhanded and hold your head still and hold your weight back. Jimmy Ballard is creator of the “Connection Theory” and instructor to hundreds of Tour Pros.

What’s the best way to improve your golf swing?

One of the best ways to improve your consistency is to improve your release position. Releasing properly at the impact zone is essential in creating a consistent game and improving your overall game. You can have a different grip and backswing, but it all comes down to what the clubface is doing when you hit the ball.