What is the range of 303?

What is the range of 303?

The .303 British Mark VII cartridge was loaded with 37 gr (2.40 g) of Cordite MDT 5-2 (cordite MD pressed into tubes) and had a muzzle velocity of 2,440 ft/s (744 m/s) and a maximum range of approximately 3,000 yd (2,743 m).

How good is the 303?

The . 303 British makes a good choice as an all-around cartridge, with enough rifles still in commission and enough good ammunition to feed them. Modern ammunition is centered around the 150- and 180-grain bullets, and the velocities tend to run just a bit slower than the .

How many bullets does a 303 rifle load to magazine?

303-calibre ammunition with a rimmed cartridge carried in a 10-round box magazine. The magazine could also be loaded with five-round clips or single rounds.

What is the weight of a Lee Enfield .303 rifle?


Lee Enfield rifle 303 No.4 Mark 1 Specification
Caliber .303in
Length 44.43in
Weight 9lb 1oz
Barrel 25.19 in long, 5 grooves, right hand twist

Was the Lee Enfield reliable?

For service use, it was robust, reliable, and effective. Its bolt action was quick and smooth, allowing a soldier to make fast followup shots. Its 10-shot magazine had twice the capacity of its contemporaries, enabling small units to lay down an impressive rate of fire and keep it up longer.

What are the ballistics for the.303 British round?

Ballistics and Drop for the .303 British Cartridge Type: Rifle Height: 2.222″ Width: 0.54″ Average FPS: 2540 Average Energy: 2406 Average Gr: 168 Recoil: 1.98 Power Rank: 4.27 of 20 The .303 British (7.7x56mmR) was the British standard round until about 1957, and had been in use for over 60 years.

What’s the diameter of a.303 caliber bullet?

Projectiles for the .303 are available in two diameters, Sierra and Speer bullets are .311” in diameter while Hornady produce .312” projectiles. The actual term .303 is taken from the land diameter of the SMLE rifling which measures .303” whereas the grove diameter of SMLE rifles can measure from .311” to .312”.

What is the ballistic coefficient of a 303?

There aren’t that many manufacturer’s still producing the .303 today but the ones produced range from 150 to 180 grain , with ballistic coefficients ranging from .276 to .370. The average energy from the average of all the rounds is 2406, and the average speed of this bullets 2540fps.

What kind of bullets can you use in a.303 Savage?

In .308 diameter, there is a vast range of bullets that can be used in the .303 Savage. Altogether, the .303 Savage is a lot of trouble for not much return, or so the story goes. So why would anyone bother with it?