What is the movie Beckett about?

What is the movie Beckett about?

An American tourist in Greece finds himself on the run after a tragic accident plunges him into a political conspiracy that makes him a target for assassination.
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Is the movie Beckett a true story?

‘Beckett’ is a political psychological thriller about an American tourist in Greece. While some of the plot of Beckett could seem plausible (foreigner on vacation getting into trouble), the film is not based on a true story.

Is Beckett a horror movie?

BECKETT is a new Netflix action-thriller starring John David Washington in the title role.

What kind of movie is Beckett?


Beckett is a 2021 English-language action thriller film directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino.

Where was Netflix Becket filmed?

Beckett stayed true to the movie’s setting as the production crew shot in genuine locations throughout Greece. Filming began in April 2019 and took place in the Greek capital of Athens as well as in and around the cities of Ioannina in Epirus and Trikala, the latter hosting Beckett’s train station scene.

What happens at the end of Beckett?

The movie ends with Beckett having won the fight, dispatching the bad guys and saving the kidnapped boy. However, he gains more than that: the realization that he can live on without April. Having survived through an event much bigger than himself, he finds meaning in existing again.

Why is Thomas Becket called Thomas a Becket?

Thomas Becket was the son of Norman settlers who lived in the city of London. His father was a merchant who traveled among the circles of French-speaking Norman immigrants. The name “Becket” is likely a nickname, possibly meaning beak or nose, which was given to his father.

Who is Lord Gilbert in Becket?

Gilbert Foliot (c. 1110 – 18 February 1187) was a medieval English monk and prelate, successively Abbot of Gloucester, Bishop of Hereford and Bishop of London. Born to an ecclesiastical family, he became a monk at Cluny Abbey in France at about the age of twenty.

Is April alive in Beckett?

On their drive to a different, quieter resort in the mountains, Beckett falls asleep, crashing their car into a house. Beckett emerges from the crash with a broken arm, but April dies.

What country is Beckett filmed in?


Is Beckett filmed in Greece?

Beckett was shot entirely in Greece, particularly in the capital city of Athens, in 2019. One location in the old city that viewers may recognize is the “Two, Hands” mural by artist Pavlos Tsakonas, which can be found near Omonia Square.

Where was Becket filmed Greece?

Who are the actors in the movie Becket?

Cast overview, first billed only: Richard Burton Becket / Thomas Becket Peter O’Toole His King / King Henry II John Gielgud King Louis of France / King Louis VII of Gino Cervi the Cardinal / Cardinal Zambelli Paolo Stoppa the Pope / Pope Alexander III

Where was the 1964 movie ” Becket ” filmed?

Becket (1964 film) The film was made at Shepperton Studios, England and on location at Alnwick Castle, Bamburgh Castle and Bamburgh Beach in Northumberland. [citation needed] Peter O’Toole went on to play King Henry II once more in The Lion in Winter (1968) with Katharine Hepburn as Queen Eleanor.

When was the movie Becket by Jean Anouilh made?

Becket (1964 film) Becket is a 1964 Anglo-American dramatic film adaptation of the play Becket or the Honour of God by Jean Anouilh made by Hal Wallis Productions and released by Paramount Pictures.

What happens at the end of the movie Becket?

But Becket unexpectedly finds his true calling on the ecclesiastical side, and aligns himself against the King’s selfish wishes, causing a rift and an eventual showdown not only between the two men, but also the institutions they represent. Written by Jwelch5742 Did You Know?