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What is the lead singers name for Third Day?

What is the lead singers name for Third Day?

Mac Powell
Mac Powell, lead singer of Christian rock band Third Day, wants to clear up a few things.

Why did 3rd day break up?

There was a lot going on in our personal lives as fathers, husbands and as individuals, I think we realized it was time to move on to different seasons in our lives. The hard thing about it is I don’t want to say we are breaking up, because we are not. It’s more just moving on.

Did Mac Powell leave Third Day?

Since Third Day’s farewell tour in 2018, Mac released a country album, “Back Again,” under the banner “Mac Powell & The Family Reunion.” He has finished his debut solo Christian album set for release on Oct.

Is the band Third Day still together?

The band has won four Grammys, 24 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and are members of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Third Day is still together; Powell is just continuing to pursue what’s been a longtime career goal.

What happened Brad Avery?

Third Day guitarist Brad Avery is exiting Christian rock titan Third Day after a 13-year stint in the group. Avery is leaving to pursue solo projects; he will not be replaced in Third Day, which will continue as a quartet. Third Day is one of the most established names in Christian rock.

What are the members of Third Day doing now?

Following Third Day’s retirement, Powell will continue making music with his band Mac Powell and the Family Reunion. In recent years, the gritty-voiced rocker has pursued a side career in country music, releasing two independent albums and touring solo as well as doing shows with country traditionalist Craig Morgan.

What happened to the lead singer of Third Day?

Mac Powell, lead singer of Christian group Third Day, has revealed that his wife, Aimee, suffered a brain aneurysm. The singer delivered the news via social media, including Instagram, on Saturday (Nov.

Is Mac Powell still singing?

Mac Powell, former frontman of the four-time Grammy Award-winning band Third Day, has released his new song, “River of Life.” It is from his forthcoming solo album, which will be on his new label Capitol Christian Music Group. Powell’s vocal prowess is known all over the world from his years with Third Day.

What is the band Third Day doing now?

Since Third Day’s farewell tour in 2018, Powell has released a country album, “Back Again,” under the banner “Mac Powell & The Family Reunion.” He is currently working on his debut solo Christian album.

What happened to Brad Avery from third day?

Who writes Third Day songs?

Bomar and Paul Duncan. Powell is best known as the lead singer of the contemporary Christian band Third Day, which sold more than 12 million albums in the US, earned two dozen Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and won four of the eleven Grammy awards for which they were nominated. Powell was a writer on most of …

Who is the lead singer of third day?

Mac Powell. Mac Powell (born Johnny Mac Powell; December 25, 1972), originally from Clanton, Alabama, is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and musician who formed the Christian rock band Third Day with guitarist Mark Lee. Powell won the 2001 Gospel Music Association award for “Male Vocalist of the Year” .

Where did third day get their album from?

While playing in Marietta, at the Strand Theatre, the owners offered the band a contract to sign with new independent record label Gray Dot Records. The band released the album Third Day, which sold 20,000 copies. Shortly after, Reunion Records bought out their Gray Dot contract and signed the band to a multi-album deal.

When did Brad Avery leave the band Third Day?

On February 28, 2008, Third Day released a statement announcing Brad Avery’s departure from the band after 13 years and over 1,000 concerts. According to the official press release, Avery left the band to pursue solo projects and Third Day would not replace him, continuing on as a quartet.

When does third day go back on the road?

Mac Powell and the Family Reunion recently wrapped a spring tour and plan to head back out on the road at the end of summer. “It’s interesting to see all the old Third Day fans come to the show and see their responses,” he admits. “There are so many people who come not knowing what to expect and they end up loving it.