What is the difference between Highline Trendline and Comfortline?

What is the difference between Highline Trendline and Comfortline?

highline comes with audio system, airbags and abs system, comfortline is midpriced version and comes in many colours, trendline is basic model only white and red colour available, power windows only at front.

Which is better Trendline or Comfortline?

For overall value the Volkswagen Polo 85TSI Comfortline DSG hits the sweet spot. You get a sizeable power increase over the Polo Trendline with virtually no fuel efficiency downside, plus there’s more kit – such as the alloy wheels over the steelies on the Trendline – without spending a lot more.

What is the difference between Volkswagen Highline and Comfortline?

Answers. The main difference between a Volkswagen Polo Comfortline and a Highline is in the engine bay – the Highline has 15 kW and 25 Nm more than the Comfortline (85 kW/200 Nm against 70 kW/175 Nm).

What is the difference between Polo Highline and Highline Plus?

The. Polo Trendline 1.0L MPI provides the mileage of 17.74 kmpl and Polo Highline Plus 1.0L TSI provides the mileage of 18.24 kmpl….Polo Trendline 1.0L MPI vs Polo Highline Plus 1.0L TSI Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Polo Trendline 1.0L MPI Polo Highline Plus 1.0L TSI
Power 75 bhp 109 bhp

What is VW Highline?

The Volkswagen Passat range has been tweaked with the arrival of new Highline trim, which replaces the current SE model. Adding to the SE’s equipment list, the Highline brings a touch-screen sat-nav system, front and rear parking sensors, dual-zone climate control and 17-inch ‘Sao Paolo’ alloys.

What are the levels of VW Golf?

This stylish vehicle is available in 3 trim levels which are S, SE, and Autobahn. All trims are loaded with features making it difficult to choose. We have a 2021 VW Golf GTI trim level comparison for you to make the right decision.

What does VW Highline mean?

What does GT mean in VW Polo?

GT stands for Gran Turismo (Grand Tourer) and that epithet is usually reserved for cars that have exceptional performance – the top of the range. In India this is the top of the range spec Polo in terms of both performance, engine & drive train.

What is Highline Volkswagen?

The Highline simply adds the top layer of visible luxuries to drive home the point that this is a subtle statement of German luxury.

Which is better a trendline or Highline VW?

Go for the best you can afford – more recent/fewer KMs plus the most features. Don’t buy a povo pack trendline, go for at least comfortline level. Highlines generally have more niceties included like leather, LED lights, bigger wheels, driver assistance systems and higher performance engines, whether that is worth the extra cost is up to you.

How to compare the VW Polo Highline and Comfortline?

GO to vw polo website for indepth is felt comfortline is competitively priced compared to other 2 models. I have the vw polo 2015 comfort line, it has all the designs and features that the highline has,inside out, ie.fogs,multifunction steering wheel, all those come as an extra the thing that distinguishes these cars is the engines c

What’s the difference between VW Passat Trendline and Comfortline?

The Trendline and Comfortline are the more mainstream models. They have revised versions of the 1.8-litre TSI engine and 7-speed DSG. We’re not sure what VPCM’s official position is, but the Comfortline feels like a direct replacement to the outgoing model.

What are specs on Volkswagen Golf International Comfortline?

The international Comfortline spec steps the wheels up from 15-inch on the Trendline to 16s (still steel) and includes trim upgrades inside and out. ‘Comfort’ seats are standard, as is front and rear park assist and an upgraded audio system. Leather steering wheel and gear and handbrake gaiters are included and so are floor mats.