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What is the definition of a job vacancy?

What is the definition of a job vacancy?

A job vacancy is defined as a paid post that is newly created, unoccupied, or about to become vacant: for which the employer is taking active steps and is prepared to take further steps to find a suitable candidate from outside the enterprise concerned; and.

What does open vacancy mean?

The condition of being vacant or unoccupied. 2. An empty or unoccupied space. 3. A position, office, or place of accommodation that is unfilled or unoccupied.

What is the vacancy rate labour market?

Context. The job vacancy rate, in part, reflects the unmet demand for labour, as well as potential mismatches between the skills and availability of those who are unemployed and those sought by employers.

What are synonyms for vacancy?

opening, position, vacant position, situation, situation vacant, post, job, day job, opportunity, job opportunity, placement, place, niche, slot.

What does vacancy mean on a application?

A vacancy is a job or position that has not been filled. Most vacancies are at the senior level, requiring appropriate qualifications. countable noun.

What does vacancy type mean?

Employers normally advertise two kinds of vacancies: permanent roles, and contract roles. The key difference is that people in permanent roles are company employees, whilst people in contract roles are normally self-employed.

What is the difference between vacancy and vacant?

Vacancy refers to something being unoccupied. If a hotel has vacancies, there are rooms available. Hotels put up a sign saying “No vacancies” when they have every room filled. It could help you remember what vacancy means if you know that a vacant lot is an empty lot.

How do you calculate vacancy rate?

The number of vacant job-specific positions (or positions within the whole organization), divided by the total number of job-specific positions (or within the whole organization), multiplied by 100 equals your vacancy rate.

What is vacancy in real estate?

The vacancy rate is the percentage of all available units in a rental property, such as a hotel or apartment complex, that are vacant or unoccupied at a particular time. A vacancy rate is the opposite of the occupancy rate, which is the percentage of units in a rental property that are occupied.

What is the difference between vacant and vacancy?

What is opposite of vacancy?

vacancy. Antonyms: fullness, business, occupation. Synonyms: empty, emptiness, space, vacuity, leisure, void.

Who is the vacancy?

countable noun. A vacancy is a job or position which has not been filled. They had a short-term vacancy for a person on the foreign desk. Most vacancies are at senior level, requiring appropriate qualifications. Synonyms: opening, job, post, place More Synonyms of vacancy.