What is the default timeout in Apache?

What is the default timeout in Apache?

By default, request timeout in Apache 2.4 is 60 seconds.

What is MaxKeepAliveRequests Apache?

MaxKeepAliveRequests. This directive sets the maximum number of requests allowed per persistent connection. The Apache Project recommends a high setting, which improves the server’s performance. MaxKeepAliveRequests is set to 100 by default, which should be appropriate for most situations.

What is AllowOverride none?

None disables all . htaccess files and directives. This directive is inheritable. This means if you specify AllowOverride none for some directory or virtual host . htaccess files will also be disabled for all subdirectories.

What is ServerRoot in Apache configuration?

The option ServerRoot specifies the directory in which the configuration files of the Apache server lives. It allows Apache to know where it can find its configuration files when it starts.

What is keep alive timeout in mikrotik?

By default, the default keepalive-timeout on Mikrotik devices is 2 minutes. Essentially, what the keepalive-timeout does is holds the session open for a guest device for whatever period of time you specify EVEN if the guest device detaches from the controller.

What is request timeout in Apache?

The TimeOut directive currently defines the amount of time Apache will wait for three things: The total amount of time it takes to receive a GET request. The amount of time between receipt of TCP packets on a POST or PUT request. The amount of time between ACKs on transmissions of TCP packets in responses.

What is AllowOverride all in Apache?

Apache has an option called “AllowOverride” which allows you to override some Apache settings via a . htaccess file you can place in a directory. In it, you can override PHP settings, create URL rewrites, … Pretty much the basics for every website.

What does AllowOverride all mean in Apache?

What is IfModule in Apache?

is simply a directive that tests the condition “is the named module loaded by apache httpd” (in your example mod_expires). It allows people to produce conditional based configuration for different installations where certain modules may be present or not.

What does AllowOverride all mean?

What are Apache server tokens?

ServerTokens – controls the details which the server sends. The details can include OS and other complied modules.

How long does the Apache keepalive timeout last?

The keepalive timeout is a timer that counts down, and is reset every time the web browser asks for a new item. So long as the browser keeps asking for more things, the timeout will not expire, even with a keepalive timout setting of 1 second. However, the default setting for Apache Keepalive Timeout is 15 seconds.

What’s the difference between keep alive and TimeOut?

Once a request has been received, the timeout value specified by the Timeout directive applies. Setting KeepAliveTimeout to a high value may cause performance problems in heavily loaded servers. The higher the timeout, the more server processes will be kept occupied waiting on connections with idle clients.

What is the keep alive setting in Apache?

If you’ve struggled to fix web server slowdowns or crashes, you may have come across a setting for Apache called “Keep-Alive”. This is one of the most powerful — and frequently misused — features of apache. In this article, we’ll explain:

What’s the default timeout for Apache HTTP Server?

The default value is “0” (timeout disabled) and you can set it to any millisecond value. In combination with Apache HTTP Server, you can also set a more flexible reply_timeout using an Apache environment variable.