What is the cost of LED tube light?

What is the cost of LED tube light?

LED Tubelight Price list in India (October 2021)

Philips Astra Line 20 W 4 Ft Straight Linear LED Tube Light(White, Pack of 2) Rs.804
halonix LED BATTEN STREAK SQUARE 20W CW Straight Linear LED Tube Light(White, Pack of 3) Rs.699
Syska SRL Base B22 9-Watt LED Bulb (Pack of 10, Cool White) Rs.777

What is T8 LED tube light?

A T8 tube light is a 1 inch diameter fluorescent or LED tube of varying lengths with a bi-pin or single pin base. T8 tube lights are commonly used in high bay fixtures, troffers, and other general lighting applications.

Can T5 replace T8?

T5 lamps cannot replace T12 or T8 lamps because of differences in physical and electrical characteristics. T5 lamps come in different lengths than T8 and T12 lamps. A nominal 4-foot T5 lamp is actually shorter than an equivalent T8 lamp [1149 millimeters (45.23 inches) in total].

Which Tubelight is best for eyes?

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs): CFL bulbs produce fewer UV rays and are more energy efficient than bright white incandescent and fluorescent tube bulbs.

Which Tubelight is best for study?

Syska 10W B22 T-BULB-4 Straight Linear LED Tube Light. White, Pack of 4. 4.3. ₹729. ₹1,196. 39% off.

  • PHILIPS 18W B22 T-BULB Straight Linear LED Tube Light. White, Pack of 5. 4.5. (222) ₹1,784. ₹2,050.
  • Bright Electronics 1 Feet White LED Profile/Tube Light White. ₹399.
  • White, Pack of 2. 4.1. ₹435. ₹1,300.
  • What are the differences between LED tube T5 and T8?

    LED tubes are measured in 8ths of an inch. So T5 Tubes are 5/8ths (16mm), T8 tubes are 8/8ths (26mm) and finally, the T12s are 12/8ths (38mm) of an inch in diameter. This means the tubes increase in size along with the number after the T. As seen below: The T12 fluorescent is the first and oldest commercial fluorescent tube ever used.

    What is the lifetime for T8 LED tubes?

    Lifespan – The average life of a T8 LED is 50,000 hours, versus only 30,000 hours for an average T8 LFL. Shatterproof (potentially) – Most T8 LED tubes are made with a shatterproof coating. With linear fluorescent, you either had to specially order shatterproof fluorescent lamps or use a tube guard which was costly.

    Can a T8 led replace a T12?

    T8 lamps can serve as a replacement for T12 if they use a two-pin G 13 base, for example. In this case, you can use the same device by checking the requirements in milliamperes for ballast. Otherwise, you need to buy a replacement T12 for magnetic ballast. Or install an electronic ballast to use T8 and T5 bulbs.

    What are T8 bulbs?

    T8 bulbs, also known as T8 lamps or T8 TLEDs, are energy-efficient, lumen-boosting replacements for T8 or T12 fluorescent lamps. If you are ready to upgrade your fluorescent lighting to LEDs, T8 TLEDs are a fantastic alternative to buying full LED fixtures.