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What is the common name of Dracaena Surculosa?

What is the common name of Dracaena Surculosa?

Gold Dust Dracaena
Dracaena surculosa Lindl.

Family Name: Asparagaceae
Synonyms: Agave godseffiana
Common Name: Gold Dust Dracaena, Spotted Dracaena, Japanese Bamboo

How do you take care of a Dracaena plant?

Your Dracaena will do best in medium to bright indirect sunlight, but can tolerate low light. Overwatering causes root rot and is the main reason a Dracaena plant dies. Water your Dracaena well and allow the top 50-75% of the soil to dry before watering again.

How do you care for gold dust dracaena?

Gold Dust Dracaena (Dracaena godseffiana)

  1. Plant Feed. Once every month during growing season.
  2. Watering. Water every 5 to 7 days depending on light and temperature. Keep soil evenly moist, but not soggy.
  3. Soil. Fertile, well-drained soil.
  4. Basic Care Summary. Very easy to grow in virtually any location.

Are Dracaena plants indoor or outdoor?

Dracaena Overview The dracaena plant is a popular ornamental houseplant, grown both indoors and outdoors in subtropical climates. It reaches a height of about three feet indoors, and has a bushy tree type of look. Its glossy leaves can grow up to one foot long and a couple of inches wide.

What is Dracaena plant good for?

Dracaena is one of the most effective houseplants in air purification. It helps remove formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon dioxide. Eliminating the pollutants with dracaena will make breathing easier, fight colds, remove airborne contaminants, and improve overall health.

How often do you water Florida beauty?

Watering Requirements Depending on the climate of your home, it may need to be watered 1-2 times a week. The important thing to keep in mind is to water them when the soil is dry down to about the first knuckle. Don’t overwater. A well-draining pot and potting soil are essential for the plant.

Does dracaena need sunlight?

Growing conditions: Dracaena prefers bright, indirect light; it tolerates dimmer light, but growth slows as a result. The plant grows well with standard indoor potting soil and average house temps and humidity.

How long do Dracena plants last?

These are slow grower’s that can take about 10 years to reach over 5ft tall but look lush once they reach about a foot high. They have a very similar look like palm tree plants….Facts.

Origin: Madagascar.
Poisonous for pets: Toxic to cats and dogs.

Is Gold dust an indoor plant?

Native to Japan, the gold dust plant (otherwise known as Aucuba japonica) is a hardy but slow-growing evergreen shrub. If planted outdoors, the gold dust plant can grow to a maximum height of ten feet. It can also be grown as a houseplant.

Do Dracaenas like full sun?

How often should you water a dracaena?

Dracaenas do not require a lot of water and are happiest when their soil is kept slightly moist but never soggy. Water your dracaena about once a week or every other week, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. You can also help keep your dracaena hydrated by misting its leaves once or twice a week.

How to care for a Dracaena surculosa house plant?

Dracaena Surculosa Plant Care. This care tips graphic shows how easy this house plant is to grow. This sturdy houseplant easy to care for. It is a slow-growing evergreen plant that is normally grown for its beautiful variegated foliage. Keep these tips in mind for its care.

What kind of poison does Dracena surculosa have?

This plant has low severity poison characteristics. This slow-growing evergreen plant is typically grown as a house plant for its stunning variegated foliage and tropical look. Thin branches produce leaves that are dark green with spots of cream.

What kind of plant is gold dust Dracaena?

Dracaena surculosa Common name(s): Spotted Dracaena, Gold Dust Dracaena, Dragon Tree Synonyme(s): N/A Family: Asparagaceae, Nolinoideae subfamily Origin: tropical Africa More infos: Skip to the content Search Plant Identification

What kind of Dracaena has yellow spots on leaves?

Flowers and Leaves of Spotted Leaf Dracaena The foliage of this variety of dracaena is glossy green with pointed leaf tips on bamboo like stems. If your light conditions are good, the leaves of the plant will be covered in yellow spots, giving it the common name “gold dust.” It is very hard to get dracaena surculosa to flower indoors.