What is the best fondant to use in Australia?

What is the best fondant to use in Australia?

Bakels Pettinice Fondant
Bakels Pettinice Fondant is the most widely used fondant in the Australian market. Made here in Australia, the formulation is perfect for our climate and decorating conditions. The firm texture makes it great for figures and moulding whilst preventing tear when covering cakes.

Is Renshaw icing fondant?

ABOUT: Fondant icing is the ultimate cake maker’s tool. You can use it to decorate cakes of all kinds, cupcakes and cookies, to create models and decorations or use it in kid’s craft. The possibilities are endless. Renshaw fondant icing is available in white and an unrivalled palette of over 30 colours!

How long can you keep Renshaw icing?

Unfortunately rolled fondant icing (ready to roll icing) does dry out once it comes into contact with the air and will not store indefinitely once opened but we have a couple of tips to hopefully keep it usable for 3-4 weeks.

Does Renshaw Modelling paste set hard?

A versatile modelling paste. The paste remains flexible for a longer period of time than traditional modelling paste, which makes it ideal for fine detail work. It sets firm, but maintains a great eating quality.

Does marshmallow fondant taste better than regular fondant?

Not only is it fast and simple, but homemade marshmallow fondant actually tastes better than most store-bought brands. The secret ingredient is mini marshmallows―they give the homemade fondant a wonderfully sweet, light vanilla flavor. You can use marshmallow fondant as you would regular fondant.

What is fondant called in Australia?

Satin Ice is a Premium ready to roll fondant icing available in White, Ivory and Colours all of which have a lovely vanilla taste. In Australia we also know this icing to be called either Plastic Icing, RTR Icing or Pettinice.

Where can I buy fondant in Australia?

Where to Buy Fondant Icing in Australia

  • Woolworths. What: Creative Kitchen Fondant Multipack Fondant Multipack 500g.
  • Spotlight. What: Fondtastic Fondant Tub.
  • Baking Pleasures. What: Menina Fondant Icing White 1kg.
  • The Party People. What: Cake Craft Fondant.
  • Something For Cake. What: Pettinice Fondant.
  • Coles.

Where is Renshaw icing made?

the United Kingdom
Renshaw White ready to roll fondant icing can be rolled out, hand modelled, or used with cutters & moulds – perfect for covering & decorating cakes, cupcakes & cookies. Available in 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg and 10kg pack sizes. The 10kg product consists of 4×2.5kg packs. Made in the United Kingdom.