What is the answer to 47on the impossible quiz?

What is the answer to 47on the impossible quiz?

What you have to do is to put your finger on the screen and move it around the screen until you put it on the button, which will then become visible again.

What is the answer to number 53 on the impossible quiz?

In short, the correct answer is LOAD ” “, which is what you must type in a ZX Spectrum/Splapptrum to load a game.

How do you get past level 56 on the impossible quiz?

You’ll have to put your finger on the screen and move it around until you manage to put it over any of the buttons, which will then become visible again. If you have your finger on one of the correct buttons, lift it in order to press it; you have to do the same with all four buttons in the correct order.

How do you beat the impossible quiz level 17?

The answer to this question is “shoe polish”. Shoe polish contains silver nitrate, and it’s said that silver items (like bullets) can be used to kill werewolves.

How do you pass level 37 on the impossible quiz?

Just like in Question 34 from the first Quiz, all you have to do to pass this question is to move your cursor away from the game’s screen (or put it on the Toggle Music/Quality buttons, which also works) since elephants dislike mice.

How do you do level 33 on the impossible quiz?

Question 33 from The Impossible Quiz asks “How many letters in his hand?”, and next to it there’s a drawing of a cut-off hand holding nine letters. The choices are all four numbers from 7 to 10.

How do you pass level 44 on impossible quiz?

What you must do is to drag the pieces around and put them together to make the picture. The piece at the upper right is not movable, as it’s nailed to its spot.

What is question 24 of the impossible quiz?

Question 24 of The Impossible Quiz is the second unskippable question of the game, and also the first safe question, as there is no way for you to lose a life here. There is a small box with differently coloured stripes. Moving your mouse over each of the stripes will make several similarly-coloured letters appear above the box.

Do you need a keyboard for impossible Quiz 2?

Some of The Impossible Quiz 2 Answers will require you to use your keyboard. Simple directions are provided, and should be sufficient even for beginner level computer users. If you have the reflexes of a fly and the mind of a madman, with Impossible Quiz 2 Answers you’ll go through Impossible Quiz 2 like a hot knife through butter.

Do you have to pick the correct picture for the impossible quiz?

Every level in The Impossible Quiz differs. For instance, you may be required to navigate a maze or pick the correct picture. But player beware, because not every question is what it seems. You will need to study every question and follow every visual with the keenest of eyes in order to pass the test.

How many options are there in the impossible quiz?

This quiz is basically a series of questions and for every question, you will get four options, one will be correct and others will be mostly tricky, double meaning and puns which you need to identify. You should think out of the box as well as inside the box, confusing isn’t it?