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What is the aim of the IOGP Life-Saving Rules?

What is the aim of the IOGP Life-Saving Rules?

With the revision of Report 459, IOGP launches a simplified set of Life-Saving Rules to provide workers in the industry with the actions they can take to protect themselves and their colleagues from fatalities. IOGP aims to improve the level of industry-wide adoption across the global oil and gas industry.

What are the 3 Life-Saving Rules?

These are the life saving rules: Verify isolation before work begins and use the specified life protecting equipment. Obtain authorisation before entering a confined space. Obtain authorisation before overriding or disabling safety critical equipment. Protect yourself against a fall when working at height.

How do you implement Life-Saving Rules?

Stork Life-Saving Rules

  1. SAFE SYSTEMS OF WORK. Comply with the Safe Systems of Work in place, use the specified protective equipment and do not override safety critical equipment.

What is LSR in safety?

The SABIC Life Saving Rules (LSR) program complements our belief that EHSS is a core value. The goal of these LSR’s is to highlight the hazardous elements of our operations and reinforce the procedures that require absolute focus to avoid serious incident or injury.

What are the golden rules of safety?

Safety starts with the employee. Never walk past unsafe acts or conditions. Never remove, bypass or modify a safety device without authorisation. Never enter a delineated hazardous area without authorisation.

What is life saving rules of Sabic?

Why are IOGP life saving rules so effective?

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) Life-Saving Rules are among the most effective techniques for preventing fatalities. they have proved effective due to their simplicity, relevance, and practicality – consequently IMCA aligns our Safety Flash incidents to IOGP Life-Saving Rules (LSR).

When to use the life saving rules slide pack?

Leading on the Life-Saving Rules slide pack. It should be used to introduce leaders to the Life-Saving Rules program and what it is expected of them as leaders.s IOGP is continuing to work on translations of the Life-Saving Rules. If you are interested in a particular language, do let us know.

Are there any new rules for life saving?

An industry team of subject matter experts, HSE and operations professionals got together as a task force and created the updated set of Life-Saving Rules that, if followed rigorously, will have the greatest impact on eliminating fatalities. Does this mean the original Life-Saving Rules were inadequate?

How many people have died due to IOGP rules?

IOGP believe no loss of life due to an accident at work is acceptable. In the last ten years 376 people lost their lives in incidents that might have been prevented by following one of IOGP’s Life-Saving Rules.