What is Sue Enquist doing?

What is Sue Enquist doing?

In addition to ONE Softball, Enquist is the owner of Bruwin Enterprises and Champions Festival, LLC and has been inducted into six Hall of Fames including UCLA, the USA Softball Hall of Fame and the National Fastpitch Coaches Association.

Who is the UCLA softball coach?

Kelly Inouye-Perez
2021 Softball Coaching Staff

Name Title Alma Mater
Kelly Inouye-Perez Head Coach UCLA, ’93
Lisa Fernandez Assistant Coach UCLA, ’95
Kirk Walker Assistant Coach UCLA, ’88
Don Slaught Volunteer Assistant Coach UCLA, ’83

What is Kelly Inouye salary?

Kelly Inouye-Perez INTERCOL ATH HEAD COACH EX (2013)

Regular pay: $113,500.00
Other pay: $13,949.00
Total pay: $127,449.00
Benefits: $30,478.00
Total pay & benefits: $157,927.00

When did Sue Enquist retire?

Enquist retired from UCLA in 2006. In 18 years as the co-head coach and sole head coach at UCLA, Enquist compiled a record of 887–175–1. Her career winning percentage of .

Is Lisa Fernandez still coaching?

One of the most recognizable names in the sport of softball, Lisa Fernandez begins her 23rd season on the Bruin coaching staff in 2021. This is Fernandez’s second stint as a full-time assistant coach for UCLA (1997-99, 2007-present), also serving as a volunteer assistant from 2000-04.

How much does Kelly Inouye-Perez make?

Kelly Inouye-Perez INTERCOL ATH HEAD COACH EX (2013)

Regular pay: $113,500.00
Other pay: $13,949.00
Total pay: $127,449.00
Benefits: $30,478.00
Total pay & benefits: $157,927.00

What nationality is Kelly Inouye-Perez?

Wiki, Bio

Real/Full Name Kelly Inouye-Perez
Nationality American
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Residence Los Angeles, California
Marital Status Un-Married

What made Lisa Fernandez famous?

softball pitcher
Lisa Fernandez has accomplished many awards in her life and been recognized as one of the most remarkable athletes ever to come from the playgrounds and ball diamonds of Lakewood, California. She is a famous softball pitcher of Cuban/Puerto- Rican descent who created an Olympic record in softball with 25 strikeouts.

What did Lisa Fernandez accomplish?

She is best known to most Americans for her role in winning the first Olympic gold medal in softball in 1996 and for pitching the team to a successful defense of its Olympic title in 2000.

What is Heather Tarr salary?

UW – Employee Rankings

# Name Pay
13 Heather TarrHead Coach $632,400
14 Jacqueline CabeVice President (E S 14) $630,100
15 Dushyant SahaniProfessor $627,300
16 Jarrad HarfordProfessor $616,400

What is Patrick Murphy salary?

In 2018, Patrick Murphy signed a five-year deal with a total compensation package of $375,000 for the year and rising $15,000 per year through 2022-23.