What is ring joint?

What is ring joint?

A Ring type joint flange(RTJ) is a machined metallic ring with a deep groove cut into its face. This groove rests a metal ring which gets compressed when the connecting bolts of the flange are tightened. This compression results in a leak-proof, close-fitting seal on the pipe or connection.

What is ring joint gasket?

Ring joint gaskets are metallic sealing ring suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications. They are manufactured in two kinds of cross section: octagonal and oval accordance. Ring joint gasket are used in connection with RTJ flange, generates a strong seal between two mating flanges.

What is ring type gasket?

Ring Type Joint gaskets are precision machined metallic gaskets generally used in high pressure applications such as the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Offshore industries. This type of gasket is designed to be used in RTJ groove flanges and are produced under license to dimensions as per API-6A and ASME B16. 20.

What is a flange backing ring?

A backing ring is a drilled, flat collar which is used to bolt a flange to another flange. The ring may be made from various plastic or metallic materials, but the dimensions of the drilling of the ring, unless a custom made one, should conform to set flange tables.

How are ring joint gasket made?

Ring Joints Gaskets The gasket is actually ‘crushed’ into flange (coining & intimate contact), creating a seal by filling imperfections and leak paths with gasket material. Ring joing gaskets are precision engineered and machined to exact specifications with tight tolerances(ASME B16. 20, API 6A).

Can you use a ring gasket on a full face flange?

Full-Face Gasket Like the ring-type gasket, this can also seal raised flange faces, but will have an OD the same as the flange. That means it needs holes for the securing bolts to pass through, and these help locate the gasket on the flange, making alignment easier.