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What is revenue share Bandcamp?

What is revenue share Bandcamp?

Bandcamp simply takes a 10% revenue share of these sales. For bands, it’s a bit like setting up a merch table at a virtual venue. (Venues, especially big ones, typically collect a percentage of merch sold on their premises.)

Can you split revenue on Bandcamp?

We don’t support splitting payments right now, but that’s something we might consider in the future. In the meantime you’ll need to receive payments for a single release to one PayPal account, and then split them up manually afterwards.

How do you get royalties from Bandcamp?

Bandcamp’s payment program is simple: the company takes 10 percent of merch sales and 15 percent of downloads. After a seller reaches a $5,000 profit, then the Bandcamp cut drops to 10 percent of digital profit.

Does Bandcamp pay streaming royalties?

According to Bandcamp’s Terms of Use, all music on its platform is royalty-free, which means no royalties are generated by its streamable albums and songs. They’re more of a promotional tool — a gateway to sales growth through downloads, merch, and physical music.

How is music revenue split?

This revenue amount is from the number of streams played multiplied by the revenue per stream. This amount is then split out among the artists that were played in that duration. The artist receives the amount after the artist split gets applied (so that can hypothetically be 13% times $0.0059 per stream).

Does Bandcamp pay mechanical royalties?

If you are looking to post your cover songs to Soundcloud or Bandcamp, these sites do NOT pay out mechanical royalties, so the copyright owners of the songs you’re performing don’t receive royalties for your version unless you pay them.

What is revenue share balance?

For merchandise: When a fan purchases a physical item, the money flows directly from them into your PayPal account. As such, Bandcamp can’t take its revenue share at the time of the transaction, so instead we keep a running tab of the amount owed, which we call your “revenue share balance.”

How does Bandcamp report sales to music charts?

Bandcamp reports sales to music charts such as SoundScan/Billboard in North America and Official Charts in the UK by automatically registering your music with these organizations. The benefit of reporting your sales to music charts: it puts your music on the map, so to speak.

What happens when a payment goes to Bandcamp?

When a payment for a digital item goes to Bandcamp, we collect the assessed revenue share for that sale, as well as the outstanding balance owed from any previous physical sales. We reduce the balance of revenue share by the outstanding amount we are able to collect (in this case, the entire owed balance).

How much does an artist get from a Bandcamp account?

Artists retain full control over decisions that concert music sales, and Bandcamp only collects a 10-15% revenue share for all sales made through the service. Any independent musician can benefit from a Bandcamp account, if willing to put in the work. What is Bandcamp? We live in a world of streaming services.

How does Bandcamp work for an independent musician?

Bandcamp is a well-rounded tool for independent musicians to sell and advertise their music. Artists retain full control over decisions that concert music sales, and Bandcamp only collects a 10-15% revenue share for all sales made through the service.