What is PTFE gland packing used for?

What is PTFE gland packing used for?

PTFE Packing: Designed for use in dynamic and static seals in hygienic condition also for work in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

What is PTFE packing?

PTFE Packing or Teflon Packing is braided with high purity PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene, Teflon) filament. PTFE Packing can be used as a valve and pump packing material. It is especially good for corrosive media, high speed application, or applications that require clean and minimum contamination material.

What is gland packing?

The gland packing is a contact-type sealing element. Compared with other types of shaft seals, they are adjustable and suitable for use with pressures and circumferential speeds higher than those radial shaft seal rings are used for (see also Shaft seal).

What is graphite packing?

Graphite packing is a highly resistant sealant used in systems with valves, faucets, and stuffing boxes, as well as other machines with watertight mechanical parts. The resulting graphite packing string is called a “yarn”. These yarns are then braided to increase their tensile strength and durability.

What is Teflon rope?

PTFE expanded Gasket Rope is a form of gasketing material. It is soft “marshmellowy” like cord that compresses to a thin, wide ribbon under pressure. Pipe flanges part freely and surfaces need no scraping when the gasket is removed. No age deterioration. Resistant to all common chemicals and non-contaminating.

What is a gland packing seal?

Gland packing is a conventional shaft seal which is preferred by mechanical engineers. In Gland Packing, rope-like braided material is packed around the shaft. Thus, the gap between the pump and shaft gets filled with the packing material. The packing also requires frequent adjustment and lubrication.

How do you fit gland packing?

Fit rings individually and twist to fit over shaft; never open out rings as this can distort packing. Carefully tamp each ring into gland before adding further rings and ensure that joins on successive rings are staggered, preferably at 90°.

How do I choose a gland pack?

Simply measure the inner diameter of the bore of the stuffing box and subtract from it the outside diameter of the shaft. The figure obtained must be divided by 2 to get your gland packing size.

Why are PTFE based gland packings so popular?

This wide flexibility makes PTFE packings a popular choice for those difficult applications where strong solvents, corrosive chemicals and oxidising media require to be sealed. KLINGER have harnessed these properties in our range of PTFE based gland packings to give an enormously wide sealing capability in both valve and pumping applications.

What kind of packing is used for gland packing?

SQ2654—ACRYLITEX Acrylic Fibre Packing with PTFE Impregnation Braided from high strength acrylic synthetic fibre pre- impregnated with PTFE, and re-impregnated during square braiding. It has excellent properties of sealing, lubricating and resistance to chemicals.

What kind of packing is best for PTFE?

A pure PTFE packing with PTFE lubricant packing suitable for plant wide use and A PTFE packing with added PTFE and mineral oil lubricant, making it an excellent choice for plant wide use especially when a clean, non-contaminating packing is required.

What kind of packing does ramietex gland pump use?

SQ4658—RAMIETEX Ramie Fibre Packing with PTFE Impregnation Highest quality ramie fibre impregnated with light-coloured, special PTFE & inert lubricant during square plaiting operation. It prevents product contamination. Low maintenance, easy installation + gentle on shafts & stems. P bar T °C V m/s PH 30 10 20 <130 10 5~11 20 10