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What is pravara in kaundinya gotra?

What is pravara in kaundinya gotra?

In Brahmin Hindu culture, a Pravara (Sanskrit for “most excellent”) is a particular Brahmin’s descent from a rishi (sage) who belonged to their gotra (clan)

What is gotra and Prabar?

Pravara is the number of the most excellent rishis who belonged to that that particular gotra to which the wearer of sacred thread belongs. Gotra is the name of the founding father (and in a few exceptional cases, founding mother).

What is your gotra?

But what is a ‘gotra’? In the prevalent belief system, a ‘gotra’ defines a clan that traces its ancestry to one of many ancient rishis (or sages). It represents a patriline, or an unbroken male hereditary line traced to that male ancestor.

What does pravara mean?

In Hindu culture, a Pravara (Sanskrit for “most excellent”) is a system of identity, particularly a family line. Pravaras is a particular Brahmin’s descent from a rishi (sage) who belonged to their gotra (clan).

What caste is Bhargava?

Bhargava and Padmashali Bhargava Brahmins is a community in India who are the descendants of the sage Bhrigu and Lord Shiva [1]. Bhargava is also first name mainly from brahmin communities of South India.

What is meant by pravara?

What is pravara Exogamy?

Pravara exogamy is the rule that forbids marriages between members of fame pravara. Pravara refers to ‘Rishi’ ancestors whom a Brahmin invokes at the sacrifice to Agni. According to this rule, members having the same Rishi ancestor are not eligible to marry one another. Pravara exogamy is applicable only to Brahmins.

Who are the propagators of Gotra pravartakas?

There are a number of Rishis who are propagators of Gotra – Gotra-pravartakas. We shall get to the details of these Rishis a little later. However, there are primarily seven chief Rishis – Saptarshis – who are considered as the root for even the Gotra-pravartaka Rishis.

What’s the difference between a gotra and a Pravara?

The Gotra is always identified by the name of a single Rishi (mostly) while the Pravara can have a number of Rishis associated with it – up to even seven.

How is yajnopavita related to the concept of pravaras?

The sacred thread yajnopavita worn on upanayana has close and essential connection with the concept of pravaras related to brahmin gotra system. While tying the knots of sacred thread, an oath is taken in the name of each one of these three or five of the most excellent rishis belonging to one’s gotra.

Who are the Seven Rishis of the pravaras?

While the gotras were classified initially according to eight rishis, the pravaras were classified under the names of the following seven rishis : According to the listing of authors included in the verses in Rigved, the rishi Jamadagni was a descendant of rishi Bhrigu while the rishis Gautam and Bharadvaja were the descendants of rishi Angirasa .