What is FatMax Stanley?

What is FatMax Stanley?

Stanley Fatmax tools are for the professional tradesperson and serious home improver. FatMax tools are designed to help you work smarter and faster thanks to their innovative design. The Stanley fat max range covers everything you need to get the job done, whether working on site or at home.

What does FatMax mean?

Fatmax is the % of V02 max when you are burning most proportion of fat relative to carbs. It is not absolute level of fuel use nor the % of fuel use, it is an intensity measure. A better expression is simply the maximal rate of fat oxidation (aka MFO). Most people talk about FatMax when they really mean MFO.

Is Stanley FatMax discontinued?

This product is no longer available. Luckily, you can still view our other great products which may meet your needs.

What happened to Stanley Tools?

STANLEY announces today that The Home Depot will now be the exclusive home improvement retailer for its STANLEY hand tools and storage product portfolio, both in store and online, beginning in 2019.

What kind of blade does a Stanley Fatmax knife have?

FATMAX ® Knives (20) STANLEY® FATMAX® knives and blades are perfect for your cutting and trimming needs. We offer a variety of sizes, lengths, and types of knives including utility, spring assist, folding, retractable, fixed blade, snap-off, hook, and twin blade knives, as well as snap-off blades, and carbide heavy-duty utility blades.

How long does it take to change a Fatmax knife?

Changes blades in 3…2…Done. The magnetic and exposed slider provides fast manual blade change. The knife’s soft touch grip reduces slipping and handle provides blade storage for easy access and quick changeover.

When do you need a Stanley safety knife?

When working with cutting tools, accidents can happen. the job with the STANLEY ® line of safety knives. Whether your workers need to cut through double wall corrugate with ease, open boxes with care, or quickly replace the blade mid-shift, we’ve got a cutting solution that works for everyone on the team.