What is Essilor Optifog?

What is Essilor Optifog?

Optifog® Optifog® lenses provide a fog free vision so that wearers can enjoy their daily activities with a premium visual comfort. Our lenses are designed with the active wearer in mind. Droplets that would usually result in fog and inhibit vision spread uniformly across the lens, for an invisible and fog-free effect.

What is Crizal UV with Optifog?

Crizal Optifog lenses will offer complete UV protection on both sides of the lens, reduced glare, scratch resistance, and will repel dirt, in addition to fog protection. TD2 Optifog lenses will be scratch resistant and protect against fog.

How does Essilor Optifog work?

Lenses fog as a result of tiny water droplets in our breath adhering to the surface of the lens, creating a film of mist. Optifog counteracts the mist by allowing the droplets to flatten and spread evenly to the surface of the lens, creating the illusion of transparency.

What is anti fog lens?

Anti-fog is supposed to do exactly as it describes – it’s there to form a coating that prevents steam and fog from building up on your lenses. All Anti-fog products are some form of chemical treatment that prevents condensation from building up on your lenses, eliminating the need to wipe them down constantly.

How do I use Optifog?

Just use the Optifog Activator Cloth whenever you clean your lenses. Together they provide fog-free vision by spreading fog into a uniform, invisible layer of water on the lens surface. For a brochure that provides more details on Optifog, click here.

How do you clean Optifog lenses?

How can Optifog lenses be cleaned? Clean the new Optifog lenses the way you clean the other lenses: – Simply wipe Optifog lenses with a dry microfiber cloth.

What is tech lens?

Tech Lens. Protects your eyes from harmful digital rays released from gadgets and reduces glare, allowing 99.2% light transmission and in-built scratch resistant coating.

Is there an anti fog coating for glasses?

Anti-fog coating At least one eyeglass lens coating company (Opticote) has created a permanent coating designed to eliminate this problem. The factory-applied coating — called Fog Free — eliminates the condensation of moisture on lenses that causes fogging.

How long does anti-fog coating last?

Most anti-fog coatings are temporary, as they only work for three months to a year before they stop working completely. Fogging is annoying, especially for people who use recommended lenses.

How much does anti-fog lenses cost?

Our anti fog lenses for single vision prescriptions usually cost only $99. Currently, we have them on offer for $59.00, making them some of the most affordable on the market.

What is an activator lens cloth?

Activator cloth for use with Zenni’s anti-fog + anti-reflective coating. This cloth activates the anti-fog properties of your anti-fog-coated lenses. For best results, wipe your lenses regularly with the provided Activator Cloth. The cloth can be used up to 1000 times and lasts up to one year.

How do I activate Optifog?

The anti-fog top layers placed on the Optifog lens are activated with the Optifog Activator Cloth. The Optifog Activator Cloth has the power to ACTIVATE and CLEAN the lens at the same time. Just use the Optifog Activator Cloth whenever you clean your lenses.

How does the optifog system work in Essilor?

Optifog is Essilor’s smart and unique anti-fog system: a lens with anti-fog top layers and an Optifog activator cloth with anti-fog molecules that activate the power of the Optifog lens. Just wipe your lenses as usual.

How are optifog lenses used for fog free vision?

When combined with Optifog® Smart Textile, a microfiber dry cloth, Optifog® lenses provide immediate and efficient fog-free vision. The Optifog® lens has unique, hydrophilic top layers with inherent fog repellent properties.

Do you need to wash your optifog activator cloth?

Note: All water-based liquids will remove the Optifog activator from lenses. If lenses are in contact with water (ex: rain), the Optifog activator cloth needs to be reapplied. Do not wash your Optifog activator cloth as this will remove its activation efficiency.

How does optifog treatment affect your daily life?

For lens wearers, the fog phenomenon affects our daily lives. The Optifog ® treatment is the solution to remedy this phenomenon. Fog consists of many water droplets. It is formed by ambient humidity which condenses into small droplets on a surface.