What is difference between super passage and aqueduct?

What is difference between super passage and aqueduct?

Super passage structure carries drainage above canal as the canal bed level is below drainage bed level. The full supply level of canal is below the drainage trough in this structure. The water in canal flows under gravity and possess the atmospheric pressure. This is simply a reverse of Aqueduct structure.

What is super passage Why is it required?

A superpassage is thus reverse of an aqueduct. A superpassage is required when canal F.S.L is below the drainage bed level. In this case, the drainage water is taken in a trough supported over the piers constructed on the canal bed. The water in the canal flows under gravity and possess the atmospheric pressure.

What is Syphon and aqueduct?

The hydraulic structure in which irrigation canal is passing over the drainage, but the drainage water cannot pass clearly below the canal is known as siphon aqueduct. If two canals cross other and one of the canals is siphoned under the other, then the hydraulic structure at crossing is called canal siphon.

What are cross drainage structures?

Definition: A cross drainage work is a structure carrying the discharge from a natural stream across a canal intercepting the stream. Canal comes across obstructions like rivers, natural drains and other canals. Changing the alignment of the canal so that it crosses below the junction of two streams.

What is meant by super passage?

Super passage: The hydraulic structure in which the drainage is passing over the irrigation canal is known as super passage. This structure is suitable when the bed level of drainage is above the flood surface level of the canal. The water of the canal passes clearly below the drainage.

What is FSL in irrigation?

➢The canal water level is referred as full supply level (FSL) and. drainage water level is referred as high flood level (HFL). The HFL is below the canal bed level.

What is FSL in gravity canal?

F.S.L. is marked parallel to the bed level. F.S.L. should always remain above the ground level so that water may flow to fields under gravity.

What are canal falls?

Canal fall is a solid masonry structure which is constructed on the canal if the natural ground slope is steeper than the designed channel bed slope. If the difference in slope is smaller, a single fall can be constructed. If it is of higher then falls are constructed at regular suitable intervals.

What is a super passage?

What is HFL and FSL?

What is canal outlet?

A canal outlet or a module is a small structure built at the head of the water course so as to connect it with a minor or a distributary channel. It acts as a connecting link between the system manager and the farmers.