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What is de minimis state aid rules?

What is de minimis state aid rules?

The de minimis regulation recognises that some State Aids are too insignificant in size to be a concern. The limit for de minimis is €200K over any rolling three year period for any one business.

Is de minimis state aid?

De minimis aid indeed refers to small amounts of state aid to undertakings (essentially companies) that EU countries do not have to notify the European Commission about. The maximum amount is EUR 200 000 for each undertaking over a 3-year period.

What is a de minimis aid?

The Regulation covers small amounts of aid (“de minimis” aid) within a predetermined threshold which do not count as State aid in the sense of Article 107(1) and are therefore exempt from the notification requirements of the competition rules.

What is a de minimis declaration form?

De Minimis Aid You are required in the application form to declare any such aid previously provided by a public body to your company or any company that you are linked to.

What is de minimis means?

“De Minimis” comes from the Latin phrase “de minimis non curat lex” which translates to “The law does not concern itself with trifles.” Today, the term is used across a variety of contexts to describe matters that are too small or trivial to be deemed worthy of consideration by a regulating authority.

What is the de minimis calculation?

To calculate the de minimis percentage you divide the dollar value of the U.S.-origin controlled content by the dollar value of the non-U.S.-made item and then multiply by 100. You may not use a discounted value that is given to special customers.

What are the rules for Industrial de minimis aid?

As small amounts of aid are unlikely to distort competition, a useful approved EU mechanism for State aid is the industrial de minimis regulation which allows small amounts of aid ie less than €200,000 over 3 consecutive fiscal years, to a single undertaking for a wide range of purposes.

What are the requirements for de minimis cover?

If you are going to use the de minimis regulation for State aid cover, you must be able to justify your decision, and you must understand the requirements of the regulation and be sure that you can meet them. The de minimis regulation requires that public authorities keep records of all de minimis aid paid out for 10 years from the last payment.

When did the EU regulate de minimis aid?

Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013 of 18 December 2013 on the application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to de minimis aid (OJ L 352, 24.12.2013, pp. 1-8)

When did the de minimis regulation come into effect?

In 2006, the Commission adopted a de minimis regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1998/2006) which was valid for the period from 2007 to 2013. It doubled the ceiling for exempted aid amounts from EUR 100 000 for each company per 3-year period to EUR 200 000.