What is Containerviewid in Android?

What is Containerviewid in Android?

A container is a view used to contain other views. Android offers a collection of view classes that act as containers for views. These container classes are called layouts, and as the name suggests, they decide the organization, size, and position of their children views.

When should I use FragmentContainerView?

FragmentContainerView is now the recommended View to use in order to host Fragments instead of the previously common way of using FrameLayouts. In addition to correctly handling Fragment transactions under the hood, it has some additional features that coordinate with Fragment behavior.

What is FragmentManager?

FragmentManager is the class responsible for performing actions on your app’s fragments, such as adding, removing, or replacing them, and adding them to the back stack.

What is view and ViewGroup in Android?

View is a simple rectangle box that responds to the user’s actions. ViewGroup is the invisible container. It holds View and ViewGroup. View is the SuperClass of All component like TextView, EditText, ListView, etc. ViewGroup is a collection of Views(TextView, EditText, ListView, etc..), somewhat like a container.

What is the main purpose of ViewGroup?

What is the main purpose of a ViewGroup? It groups together the most common views that developers use in Android apps. It serves as a container for View objects, and is responsible for arranging the View objects within it. It is required to make a view interactive as a way to group TextViews on a screen.

What is Android CoordinatorLayout?

CoordinatorLayout is a super-powered FrameLayout . CoordinatorLayout is intended for two primary use cases: As a top-level application decor or chrome layout. As a container for a specific interaction with one or more child views.

What is addToBackStack?

By calling addToBackStack(), the replace transaction is saved to the back stack so the user can reverse the transaction and bring back the previous fragment by pressing the Back button.

What is findFragmentByTag?

abstract Fragment. findFragmentByTag(String tag) Finds a fragment that was identified by the given tag either when inflated from XML or as supplied when added in a transaction. abstract FragmentManager.BackStackEntry. getBackStackEntryAt(int index)

What is Nav_host_fragment?

NavHostFragment provides an area within your layout for self-contained navigation to occur. NavHostFragment is intended to be used as the content area within a layout resource defining your app’s chrome around it, e.g.:

What is the main purpose of a ViewGroup?