What is chirped Gaussian pulse?

What is chirped Gaussian pulse?

The chirped Gaussian input pulses are the pulses which are usually produced from directly modulated semiconductor lasers. As in SOA gain saturation—Gaussian pulses, we will consider the pulses with a pulse width much shorter than the carrier lifetime. The carrier wavelength of the Gaussian pulse is 1.55 mm.

What is Gaussian pulse?

A pulse, such as an electronic pulse or an optical pulse, that has the waveform of a Gaussian distribution, i.e., a distribution that resembles a bell curve. Synonym Gaussian-shaped pulse.

What is the bandwidth of a Gaussian pulse?

Optical pulses of this type can be generated by mode-locked lasers. pulses have a minimum duration-bandwidth product of 0.315 while gaussian pulses have a minimum value of 0.441.

What is time bandwidth product?

The time–bandwidth product of a light pulse is the product of its temporal duration and spectral width (in frequency space). In ultrafast laser physics, it is common to specify the full width at half-maximum (FWHM) in both time and frequency domain.

What is meant by chirped?

(especially of a bird) to make a short high sound or sounds. [ + speech ] to say something with a high, happy voice: “Morning!” she chirped.

How do you calculate group delay dispersion?

Group delay dispersion (GDD) considers the length of the medium and can be found by multiplying the GVD by the length. GVD is highly wavelength dependent and has typical units of fs2/mm. For example, the GVD of fused silica is +57 fs2/mm at 589.3nm and −26 fs2/mm at 1500nm.

What is Gaussian signal?

Gaussian signals can be automatically generated in a computer using a random number generator. The random generator produces a sequence of independent realizations of a Gaussian variable with distribution N(0, 1). The autocorrelation of this sequence is r(k) = δ(k) since different samples are uncorrelated.

What is a Gaussian Waveform?

A Gaussian function is the wave function of the ground state of the quantum harmonic oscillator. The molecular orbitals used in computational chemistry can be linear combinations of Gaussian functions called Gaussian orbitals (see also basis set (chemistry)).

How is time bandwidth product calculated?

The time-bandwidth product is TBP=Τ/τ. By linear frequency modulated waveform the bandwith can be measured by the difference of the upper f2 and the lower frequency f1 : BW = Δf = f2 – f1, and its TBP= Τ·Δf. E.g.: the air surveillance radar AN/FPS-117 has got an LFM waveform with the time-bandwidth product of 75.

What is bandwidth theorem?

In radio terminology, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is called the bandwidth theorem, and it states that the rate at which information is carried over a radio band is proportional to the width of that band. If you try to send shorter pulses of data at a higher rate, the range of frequencies broadens.