What is another name for an African antelope?

What is another name for an African antelope?

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African antelope GNUS
African antelope E
African antelope O
African antelope NYE

Which is the biggest antelope in Africa?

giant eland
The giant eland is the largest species of antelope, with a body length ranging from 220–290 cm (86.5–114 in)….

Giant eland
Species: T. derbianus
Binomial name
Taurotragus derbianus (J.E. Gray, 1847)

What is the second largest antelope in Africa?

  • Giant Eland.
  • Common Eland.
  • Bongo.
  • Greater Kudu.
  • Roan Antelope.
  • Sable Antelope.
  • Waterbuck.
  • Mountain Nyala.

What are the biggest antelope?

The cow-like eland is the world’s largest antelope. However, it has the endurance to maintain a trot indefinitely and can jump a 1.5 meter (4 feet) fence from a standstill. Both males and females have horns that spiral tightly, though female horns tend to be longer and thinner.

What is an African bearded antelope?

3 letter answer(s) to bearded antelope GNU. large African antelope having a head with horns like an ox and a long tufted tail.

How many types of antelopes are in Africa?

74 species
There are 74 species of antelopes in Africa, according to IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). And there are another 56 subspecies of antelopes. What is this? In addition to the 74 types of antelope, IUCN also includes another 4 types of animals in their African Antelope Database.

What is the second largest antelope?

Common eland
Common eland, Taurotragus oryx, is the second largest antelope in the world behind the giant eland.

What antelopes live in Africa?

The most elegant antelope species in the Africa includes Eland ,Kudu, Nyala, Sable and Scimitar oryx, Grant’s gazelle, Lechwe, Gerenuk, Topi, Hartebeest, Bontebok and Bongo antelope.

What is the name for a bearded antelope?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for BEARDED ANTELOPE [gnu]

What is Darth Vader’s nickname?

The Chosen One
Darth Vader/Notable aliases

Is a Buffalo an antelope?

bovid, (family Bovidae), any hoofed mammal in the family Bovidae (order Artiodactyla), which includes the antelopes, sheep, goats, cattle, buffalo, and bison.

What is a large African antelope called?

Eland (Taurotragus oryx) This is the largest African antelope that is light brown in color and has faint white vertical stripes. It is usually found in the open savanna, semidesert areas as well as the montane grasslands. A herd of Eland comprises over 100 animals grazing together.

What are the names of the various African antelope?

In other words, the top 5 heaviest antelope species in Africa would consist of: Eland Kudu Waterbuck Roan Sable

How big is an African antelope?

The males weigh 400 to 1,000 kg (880 to 2,200 lb) and females weigh 300 to 600 kg (660 to 1,320 lb). The tail is long, having a dark tuft of hair, and averages 90 cm (35 in) in length. The life expectancy of giant elands is up to 25 years in the wild, and about 20 years in captivity.

Which animal is a large striped antelope from Africa?

Talking about a large African antelope, the eland is apt for the discussion. Currently, it is known as the largest of all antelope species dwelling in Africa. The eland resides mainly in the central, east and southern parts of Africa.