What is an antonym of gargoyle?

What is an antonym of gargoyle?

Noun. Opposite of an ugly person. Adonis. beauty. belle.

What is a synonym of gargoyle?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for gargoyle, like: cherub, grotesque figure, gargoyles, cyclopean, sculpture, battlement, bas-relief, gutter, spout, drain and rainspout.

What is a gargoyle and what does it symbolize?

A gargoyle is a waterspout, usually carved to resemble an odd or monstrous creature, that protrudes from a structure’s wall or roofline. By definition, a real gargoyle has a function—to throw rainwater away from a building. Many early Christians were led to their religion by the fear of the gargoyle, a symbol of Satan.

Who invented the gargoyle?

According to French architect and author Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, himself one of the great producers of gargoyles in the 19th century, the earliest known medieval gargoyles appear on Laon Cathedral (c. 1200–1220). One of the more famous examples is the gargoyles of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Why is Ka opposite?

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What is the opposite of 5?

The opposite of 5 is -5.

What is a gargoyle in mythology?

The gargoyle is a fantasy and horror monster inspired by the gargoyle architectural element. While they were believed in mythology to frighten away evil spirits, the idea of such statues physically coming to life is a more recent notion.

Which is the best definition of a gargoyle?

Definition of gargoyle. 1a : a spout in the form of a grotesque human or animal figure projecting from a roof gutter to throw rainwater clear of a building. b : a grotesquely carved figure. 2 : a person with an ugly face.

Are there any high schools that are still called Gargoyle?

We’ve seen a bunch of schools change their names — and in some cases adopt nightmarish gargoyle replacements — in recent years, but there are still 45 high schools across the United States using the Washington Football Team’s former name. LEBRON JAMES WON IT ALL AGAIN, SO IS THE GOAT DEBATE FINALLY OVER?

Can you still see the gargoyle at night?

— James Parker, The Atlantic, 24 May 2020 Tourists over the festive period can now see the famed gargoyles and stone statues at night in their full illuminated splendor from the adjacent bridges, although the forecourt is still closed. — Washington Post, 20 Dec. 2019

Where can I find a bas relief Gargoyle?

Stone gargoyle or bas-relief depictions are preserved on about twenty churches today, including Cologne Cathedral and the Wittenberg Stadtkirche, where Martin Luther, himself an infamous anti-Semite, is said to have posted his ninety-five theses.