What is airmar xSonic?

What is airmar xSonic?

xSonic Airmar Stainless Steel 164 20° Tilt The SS164 is a stainless steel, thru-hull broadband transducer, ideal for smaller sportfishing and commercial vessels up to 25ft in length, fishing in depths of less than 3000ft.

What is an AIRMAR transducer?

Designed to prevent marine animals from entering dangerous and unwanted areas, these products emit acoustic barriers that warn, or cause discomfort to marine mammals when they approach.

What company makes transducers?

In business for over 30 years, Airmar Technology Corporation is a world leader in ultrasonic sensor technologies for marine and industrial applications. We manufacture advanced ultrasonic transducers, flow sensors, WeatherStation instruments, and electronic compasses used for a wide variety of applications.

How do I install airmar transducer?

Transducer placement should be aft and close to the centerline. It needs to be located low enough that the transducer is in the water at all times. Consider items such as the lifting strap placement into the location as well as trailer bunks and rollers if it is a trailered vessel.

Do airmar transducers go bad?

OK- Airmar says transducers may last 10-20 years.

How do I know which Garmin transducer I have?

Accessing Transducer Diagnostics

  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Select Sonar.
  3. Select Full Screen or choose a sonar type.
  4. Press the Menu button.
  5. Select More or Sonar Setup.
  6. Select Installation.
  7. Select Transducer Diagnostics.

How do you test a boat transducer?

The first thing you can do to check if your transducer is working is to turn it on and touch its surface. You should be able to feel the sound pulses as vibrations, and often you can also hear them as clicking sounds.

What does airmar in Milford NH produce?

Today, Airmar develops and manufactures transducers for a diverse range of applications, including air-ranging industrial transducers, underwater scientific and survey transducers, weather sensing instruments and our extensive line of fish-finding transducers, headlined by our latest wide-beam Chirp products.