What is accreted terrane?

What is accreted terrane?

Accreted terranes are the blocks of continental fragments and oceanic islands that have collided with a continent and are now permanently attached. When island arcs collided with other island arcs, rock and sediment were scraped off the top of subducting plates.

What is a terrane in the geological sense?

In geology, a terrane (in full, a tectonostratigraphic terrane) is a crust fragment formed on a tectonic plate (or broken off from it) and accreted or “sutured” to crust lying on another plate. The suture zone between a terrane and the crust it attaches to is usually identifiable as a fault.

What is an exotic terrane?

An exotic terrane (not “terrain”) is a piece of the Earth’s crust that has merged with another landmass that usually has a separate and entirely different geologic history.

What is a suspect terrane?

Suspect terrane is a mass of fault block of crustal dimensions in which the original position is questionable with respect to the adjacent terrane or stable continental land mass to which it is presently attached. Boundaries of suspect terranes are always faults.

What is a terrane quizlet geology?

What is a terrane? a slice of lithosphere that has been added to the margin of a continent during plate collision.

What are the three identifying characteristics of a terrane?

What are the three identifying characteristics of a terrane? (i) Each terrane has distinct rocks and fossils. (ii) There are major faults at the boundaries of a terrane. (iii) Magnetic properties of a terrane do not match with the neighboring terrane.

What is the crust type of the Easton terrane?

The Easton Terrane in the western North Cascades contains a mixture of metamorphic rock that includes blueschist. Blueschist is rock that forms from ocean-floor basalt that goes part way down a subduction zone and is metamorphosed at unusually high pressure and low temperature.

How is terrane different from terrain?

is that terrane is (geology) a block of the earth’s crust that differs from the surrounding material, and is separated from it by faults while terrain is (geology) a single, distinctive rock formation; an area having a preponderance of a particular rock or group of rocks.

What is the difference between terrain and terrane?

What is the difference between terrane and terrain? “Terrane” describes a crustal fragment consisting of a distinct and recognizable series of rock formations that has been transported by plate tectonic processes, whereas “terrain” describes the shape of the surface topography.

What is an accreted terrane quizlet?

A process by which material is added to a tectonic plate or landmass is called. Terrane.

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What are the different names for accreted terranes?

Accreted terranes may be called exotic terranes, suspect terranes, or tectonostratigraphic terranes. The terms all mean the same thing.

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