What is a Rainbird decoder?

What is a Rainbird decoder?

Rain Bird decoders are a “true lower than 30 volt” system that utilize a two-wire path of 14-gauge wire connecting the central control system, decoders and valves or valve-in-head sprinklers.

What is irrigation decoder?

Decoders are electronic devices that are connected to a wire path from an irrigation controller. This allows the installation of many irrigation stations (or valves) down the same wire run, rather than requiring a separate power wire for each solenoid.

What is a field decoder?

Field decoding is the second part of the decompression process that reconstructs data values according to template-specified operations. Field decoding operations are assigned per field within the template; decoding reinstates data as indicated by the template. When to Reset the Decoder State.

What is decoder wire?

Decoders are electronic devices that are connected to a wire path from an irrigation controller. They operate irrigation valve solenoids by receiving both signal and power from the same wire path.

What is a 2 wire decoder?

Two-wire decoder technology permits control of large irrigation systems, over relatively long distances, by inserting waterproof decoder modules as needed in a low voltage, direct burial two-wire path. The wire is cut wherever station control is needed, and the decoder wires are spliced into the path.

How does a rain bird 2 wire decoder work?

The design of a Rain Bird ESP-LXD 2-Wire Decoder Controller system requires careful consideration to the layout of the decoders on the 2-Wire path. Since a decoder system powers the electric solenoids through the 2-wire path, the 2-wire path must be able to provide enough voltage to power the solenoids.

How is a rain bird ESP-LXD decoder controller different?

A Rain Bird ESP-LXD Decoder Controller controls large irrigation systems comparable to the traditionally wired irrigation controller. The difference is decoders directly power the solenoids from the 2-wire path. A Rain Bird ESP-LXD Decoder Controller is programmed similar to a traditional wired controller.

Which is the best Rain Bird decoder for flood plains?

Rain Bird decoders are an especially good choice for flood plains. Buried decoder systems leave nothing exposed to the elements. With no evidence of in-field control, this aesthetically pleasing alternative works perfectly in situations where controller enclosures are unwanted or impractical.

How are Rain Bird decoders used on golf courses?

A technology long-since proven on top golf courses around the world, Rain Bird decoders provide “best-in-class” field control on centrally controlled irrigation systems. Installed underground and featuring simple, low-cost wiring, decoders are an aesthetically pleasing, full-featured, economical option for reliable in-field control.