What is a draft saddle?

What is a draft saddle?

Draft Horse western saddles are specifically designed to fit the wide flat back and large structure of the typical European and American draft horse. They are built to accommodate the round withers and the broad shoulders and the massive build that you usually find on a draft horse.

Can I use a gaited saddle on a quarter horse?

You can have a gaited horse and a foundation bred Quarter Horse standing side by side with both having a 7-inch gullet. If you put a saddle made for the Quarter Horse on the gaited horse it will fit at the top (or in this case gullet) but there will be no support at the shoulder.

Do draft horses need special saddles?

Draft horses are being used under saddle more often now than ever, resulting in a need for saddles designed specifically for their very wide backs. Otherwise, though, draft horses are ridden in the same types of saddles as standard-sized horses.

How should a draft horse fit a saddle?

Place the saddle on the horse’s bare back without a pad. There should be two to three fingers space between the top of the wither and the gullet of the saddle. If you can vertically fit your whole hand between the bottom of the gullet and the wither, the tree is probably too narrow.

Where are King Series saddles made?

Registered. King Series are POS saddles made in Asia.

How do you fit a draft horse saddle?

What makes a gaited horse saddle different?

Because of their unique movements, gaited horses require saddles with trees that are shaped differently than saddles for normal horses. The tree of a gaited horse saddle has been specially designed to allow for the gaited horse’s unique movements, freeing the shoulders and back to move freely in his specialized gaits.

What saddle does Charlotte Dujardin ride in?

Well, Your Horse magazine has the answer: Charlotte rides in an Equipe Emporia Special. The saddle is a firm favourite with the leading dressage rider and in 2016 it was this saddle that Charlotte rode in when she achieved individual gold at the Rio Olympics on Valegro.

What saddles do endurance riders use?

The brand of choice that most endurance riders prefer is Stowaway (available from Synergist Saddles), which has both pommel and cantle packs. These handy packs come in a variety of colors for English, Western, and trail saddles.

What kind of Saddle is a draft horse?

17.5″ Big Horn Draft Horse Saddle 1683 This saddle, built on a 17.5’ seat, is by Big Horn is specifically designed for draft horses and draft crossbreeds. It’s built on fiberglass-covered wood draft horse tree.

What kind of Saddle do I need for my horse?

This first draft horse saddle is built on a rawhide covered tree and is extra wide. This beautiful, stylish saddle is lightweight (35 pounds) and extremely comfortable. It’s a full leather saddle, and perfect for your extra-large horse.

How is the gullet of a draft horse measured?

Therefore, the saddle gullet in a saddle for a draft horse is usually wider, and sometimes a lot wider, than in saddles built for “regular” riding horses. A gullet is measured at its widest point, where the saddle fork (aka pommel) joins the saddle bars. The true width of the gullet is always measured on the raw saddle tree.

What should I put on my draft horse’s back?

In order to keep the saddle positioned correctly on your horse’s back, a breast collar and back cinch are used. This is especially useful if your draft horse is very round and has very little wither. Depending on the saddle style, the horn, cantle, fenders, stirrups and skirt are going to vary.