What is a charge sheet UK?

What is a charge sheet UK?

If you are charged with a crime you will be given a ‘charge sheet’. This sets out the details of the crime you are being charged with. The police will decide if you: are kept in police custody until you are taken to court for your hearing.

What does a charge sheet contain?

In India section 173 of criminal procedure code, 1973 contains the provision relating to charge sheet which form an pertinent part of the procedural law which embodies all the details relating to the name of the Informant/complainant, the accused and victim, any witness, items or articles seized, date ,time and place …

How do you make a charge sheet?

Important Guidelines for Filing Charge-Sheet are provided below

  1. It must be served in a timely manner to maintain relevance.
  2. The charge must be specific, and precise and show clearly the responsibility of the Official for the misconduct.
  3. The language of the charge -sheet should be simple and unbiassed.

What happens if charge sheet is filed?

Once the chargesheet is filed, the accused will remain in custody and the police authorities will not have to seek extension of his remand. However, the accused can seek bail once the chargesheet is filed. Once the court is seized of the matter, then the judge will issue summons to all the accused.

How do I remove my name from a charge sheet?

You may approach High Court under Section 482 of Cr. P.C and get delete your name from charge sheet. A. Ask your Lawyer to put up an expunge petition for your name removing your name from the chargesheet proving your innocence and thereafter everything should be fine.

Who files a charge sheet in the court?

Police file a charge sheet in the court .

What is the time limit to file chargesheet?

Is There Any Time Bar For Filing Charge-Sheet? The time limit to file charge sheet is related to arrest of the accused in the case. The charge sheet is to be filed within 60 days from the date of arrest of the accused in cases triable by lower courts and 90 days in cases triable by Court of Sessions.

Can charge sheet be challenged?

Yes. A charge sheet can be quashed by the High Court as per section 483 of the Code of Criminal Proceedings, 1973, under this section the court has an inherent power to make any court that may be necessary to prevent the abuse of the power and to secure the ends of the justice[iv].

What is the meaning of a charge sheet?

In term of criminal activities or charges a charge sheet is a legal or formal document of blame on which law-enforcement agencies enters brief details of charge against accused.

How does a magistrate frame a charge sheet?

Under the criminal procedure code the Magistrate frames the charges. In case of investigations made by the police, in terms of Sec.173 of Code of Criminal Procedure the officer in-charge of the police station shall forward a report in the form prescribed to the Magistrate empowered to take cognisance of the offence.

Do you have to file a written explanation with chargesheet?

You are, hereby, called upon to file your written explanation, as to why action should not be taken against you. An enquiry into the above charges will be held by an enquiry officer (for appointment of enquiry officer please refer the notes.) The date, time, place and name of the enquiry officer will be intimated to you separately.

When do you have to show cause for a charge sheet?

Accordingly, you are hereby required to show cause within…………days of the receipt of this letter as to why you should not be dismissed or otherwise punished. Should you fail to submit your explanation as required, it will be presumed that you have no explanation to offer and the matter will be disposed of without any further reference to you.