What happened to Jan Hendrik Schon?

What happened to Jan Hendrik Schön?

Schön’s co-authors were exonerated, but he was released from his job at Bell Labs. So, where is Jan Hendrik Schön today? At last report, he is working for an air conditioning company in Germany. He has been barred from working as a scientist.

Who is Jan henrik Schon and describe what is he known for?

Formerly a rising star in the field of nanotechnology, Schön was renowned for creating field-effect transistors, the backbone of modern electronics, out of tiny molecules. His work won him numerous awards from magazines and scientific organizations, and colleagues were beginning to tip him for a Nobel Prize.

What was Schon accused of?

From claims to have made the world’s first organic electrical laser to the fictional construction of the smallest ever transistor, the repercussions of Jan Hendrik Schon’s fraud are still felt today, seven years after he was found guilty of scientific misconduct and fired by his employer.

What is scientific misconduct in the dark secrets of Hendrik Schon?

They found evidence of Schön’s scientific misconduct in at least 16 of them. They found that whole data sets had been reused in a number of different experiments. They also found that some of his graphs, which purportedly had been plotted from experimental data, had instead been produced using mathematical functions.

How can research misconduct be prevented?

The best way to prevent research misconduct is to become aware of best practices in the Responsible Conduct of Research. Consultation with senior research colleagues, as well as School and campus leaders, are invaluable resources. In addition, there is a variety of training and educational materials available online.

What is inappropriate authorship?

Inappropriate authorship involves both, undue credit to a non-contributor and no credit to a true contributor. Many examples of both types of authorship issues have been documented.

What is incorrect authorship?

What is duplicate submission?

Duplicate submission / publication: This refers to the practice of submitting the same study to two journals or publishing more or less the same study in two journals. These submissions/publications can be nearly simultaneous or years later.