What happened to Ian Curtis widow?

What happened to Ian Curtis widow?

Deborah Curtis, widow In 1995, 15 years after her husband’s death, Deborah wrote an autobiography about her marriage to Curtis titled Touching From a Distance —a reference to Joy Division’s song “Transmission.” “No, no I don’t feel angry now,” Deborah said of Curtis’ suicide in 2005. “There’s too much time passed.

Why did Ian Curtis dance like that?

26 years ago today, Ian Curtis lost his battle with depression at the age of just 23. Dubbed, perhaps a little insensitively, his “epilepsy dance” (Curtis suffered from epilepsy, as did the subject of his song ‘Control’), Curtis’ twitchy, possessed dance moves are inimitable.

What did Ian Curtis suffer from?

Curtis suffered from epilepsy and depression and took his own life on the eve of Joy Division’s first North American tour and shortly before the release of Closer. His death led to the band’s dissolution and the subsequent formation of New Order.

How accurate is control movie?

Although the pair gave the Anton Corbijn movie ‘Control’ a huge thumbs up, Morris said that many of the facts were bent to suit the film. “None of it’s true really,” he said. “It’s sort of true, but you have to take liberties when you’re making a film because the truth is too boring. “We’ve seen it a couple of times.

Is 24 Hour Party People accurate?

One of those 24 Hour Ricky Gervais creations. Much of the film is based on actual people and events with the jaundiced eye of reality sweetened by the rose-coloured monocle of hindsight and recon/deconstruction.

Where can I find Debbie Curtis big band?

#RiverThamesDoc www.aquadogproductions.com

When does Debbie Curtis Dance in the garden?

Debbie recently did her bit for #LockdownRelief : A one hour Dance In Your Garden Disco every Friday from 7pm to 8pm.

Where was Debbie Curtis River Thames documentary filmed?

Debbie recently finished making a documentary for Television about the River Thames for Aqua Dog Productions & Ivory Tower Entertainment at Pinewood Studios. The documentary is currently awaiting broadcast scheduling.