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What happened to CCNA routing and Switching?

What happened to CCNA routing and Switching?

The new CCNA has replaced this certification If you held an active CCNA Routing and Switching certification on February 24, 2020, you received the new CCNA.

How do I prepare for CCNA routing and switching exams?

5 Tips to Prepare the CCNA Certification Exam

  1. Have Good Practice and Practical Experience. You’ll need both practical and theoretical knowledge to clear the CCNA exam.
  2. Obtain the Suitable Study Materials.
  3. Arrange Practice Tests.
  4. Invigorate Your Knowledge Right Before the Exam.
  5. Take a Rest.
  6. Conclusion.

What’s the difference between CCIE Routing and Switching certification?

In the new program, CCIE Routing and Switching certification will be replaced by the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification. If you have started working toward CCIE Routing and Switching certification, keep going. In the new program, you’ll receive credit for work you’ve completed in the current program.

What to consider when choosing a routing protocol?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a routing protocol to implement. Two of them are scalability and speed of convergence. The other options are irrelevant. 17. Employees of a company connect their wireless laptop computers to the enterprise LAN via wireless access points that are cabled to the Ethernet ports of switches.

How to take the CCNA 2 v7.0 exam?

Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials v7.02 (SRWE) CCNA 2 v7.0 Exam Answers Online Test Modules 1 – 4: Switching Concepts, VLANs Test Modules 5 – 6: Redundant Networks Exam A Test Modules 7 – 9: Available and Reliable Ne Test

How does static routing improve your network security?

Static routes are not automatically updated and must be manually reconfigured if the network topology changes. Thus static routing improves network security because it does not make route updates among neighboring routers.