What gun uses 222?

What gun uses 222?

Remington Model 722
Introduction. The . 222 Remington was introduced with the Remington Model 722 bolt-action rifle. The accuracy and flat trajectory of the bullet resulted in the adoption of the round for varmint and benchrest rifles.

What is the difference between a 223 and 243 rifle?

223 Remington rounds – on average – achieve a velocity of about 3150 feet per second (fps) while . 243 Winchester rounds travel at a velocity of 3180 fps. 223 Remington bullets travel 3.6 times the speed of a 737 airplane at cruising speed, while . 243 Winchester bullets travel 3.6 times that same speed.

How far can a 222 rifle shoot?

A modern varmint type . 222 rifle with handloads could most likely perform well out to 800 yards or even further.

Is the.222 Remington round still in use?

After the .223 was produced the popularity of the round began to fade in America, but the .222 is still used in other countries around the world. The sport of bench rest shooting emerged around the same time the .222 Remington was first introduced into the market, and helped the cartridge take off.

What’s the muzzle energy of a Remington 222 Magnum?

The last Remington factory load for the .222 Magnum drove a 55 grain bullet at a MV of 3,240 fps. Muzzle energy was 1,282 ft. lbs. A scope sighted .222 Magnum rifle shooting the Remington 55 grain spitzer bullet and zeroed at 200 yards hit 1.6″ high at 100 yards, 1.5″ high at 150 yards, 0 at 200 yards, and 3.1″ low at 250 yards.

When was the remington.222 varmint cartridge made?

First introduced by Remington in 1950, the .222 Remington was designed primarily as a varmint cartridge. At the same time the sport of benchrest shooting was newly emerging.

Who is the designer of the Remington 222?

The .222 Remington was designed in 1950 by Mike Walker. The design is a rimless bottleneck with a small rifle primer, and is an original with out a parent case.