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What gun has a triangle barrel?

What gun has a triangle barrel?

As you can see in the photo above and below, the profile of the barrel is not a round profile like a typical rifle barrel, but is triangulated. Essentially, what it appears to be is that Remington took the LTR fluting and continued the flute all the way out, making the barrel a triangle.

What is a Remington 700 VTR?

A fusion of our most advanced performance features in both tactical and varmint rifles, the Model 700 Varmint-Target Rifle (VTR) is a revolutionary system optimized for extended-range precision and mobility.

Does Remington still make the VTR?

Remington Model 700 VTR Bolt Action Rifle -A fusion of our most advanced performance features in both tactical and varmint rifles/ the Model 700 Varmint-Tactical Rifle (VTR) is a revolutionary system optimized for extended-range precision and mobility….1 of 2.

PRICE $849.99
Overall Length 42in

What is a Remington VTR barrel?

The most striking part of the VTR is its futuristic triangular barrel. According to the Remington literature, the VTR is a “revolutionary system optimised for extended-range precision and mobility”. So reducing the amount of material to bring a round barrel down to a triangle also reduces stiffness.

Is Remington 700 VTR free floating barrel?

I believe the VTR’s basic stock is free-floating anyway, but if you want to have an aftermarket stock I recommend specifically for the VTR to sand the bed if you have to. Just due to how wide the barrel is I had to sand down my M24 stock to free-float the barrel.

What type of gun is a Remington 700?

The Remington Model 700 (Remington 700) is a bolt-action rifle. It is the basis for the M24 and M40 series of rifles currently in use in the U.S. military as sniper rifles.

Is the Remington 700 VTR a good rifle?

s core values of great value for money and a strong action which can achieve good accuracy. The new SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic) Model 700 range replaces the ADL and BDL formats, and this Model 700 VTR or Varmint Tactical Rifle is intended to appeal to vermin hunters as well as target shooters.

Is Remington 700 VTR long or short action?

The short-action rifle is available in four chamberings that include the popular varminting cartridges of . 204 Ruger, . 223 Rem.

What gun does Bradley Cooper use in American sniper?

Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) uses a McMillan TAC-338A rifle as one of his main weapons. The weapon is fitted with a Leupold Mark 4.

Is the Remington 700 barrel a good barrel?

The Remington 700 Barrel -These days Remington does a fine job manufacturing accurate rifles. However there may come a time when the old Remington 700 is not shooting groups as tight as it once did or maybe you just want the best accuracy that can be achieved from your rifle.

Is the Remington 700 VTR a sniper rifle?

Even a Marine Sniper Instructor could not shoot better. I am trying to sell this thing now. I spoke to a friend who attended the SHOT show and a Remington rep told him the rifle does not shoot, and they have stopped production.

What kind of barrel does a Remington sniper rifle use?

.75 MOA – Factory Remington Barrels If you are looking for some additional help choosing various options, be sure to take a look at our configuration guide. IMPORTANT: Please read the details about the purchase process for these packages. Email any questions to: [email protected]

How big is the trigger on a Remington sniper rifle?

The Remington is renowned for its smooth action and accuracy. All of the metal work is finished in matte bluing and they have the X-Mark Pro trigger set at the factory setting of about 3.5 lbs and is externally adjustable. The floorplate is the standard BDL style hinged floorplate.