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What grades are Fundations?

What grades are Fundations?

Fundations®: For grades K-3 general education students and struggling or at-risk readers in the lowest 30th percentile. Just Words®: For students in grades 4-12 and adults who are decoding and encoding below grade level.

How many levels are there in Fundations?

four Levels
Fundations presents all skills in a systematic and sequential manner in four Levels: Level K, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Each Level provides a year-long curriculum. The Pre-K Activity Set offers age-appropriate instruction in letter-sound associations and letter formation.

What are trick words in Fundations?

Trick words are phonetically irregular words that your child needs to memorize. They are selected for their high frequency of use in English school-aged texts. These words are important for students to master for both reading and spelling.

What is a syllable in Fundations?

Unit 1. Closed Syllables. These are syllables that have one vowel and the vowel is closed in by consonants.

What does Fundations teach?

Fundations systematically and comprehensively instructs students in phonemic awareness and word study (both phonetic and high frequency/sight words) and contributes greatly to fluency, vocabulary development, and the applications of strategies for understanding text.

What are Fundations used?

Fundations is an explicit and highly systematic word study program designed to be combined with the existing literature-based reading curriculum. Fundations is targeted to K-3 general education and at-risk students with the aim of improving student performance in the areas of phonemic awareness, decoding, and spelling.

What is Fundations first grade?

Level 1 of Fundations® reinforces the basic skills that were learned in Kindergarten and progresses further into the study of word structure. Teachers should combine Fundations with a wide variety of text experiences, and expose students to poetry, narrative and informational text.