What fish can live with spotted puffers?

What fish can live with spotted puffers?

Green Spotted Puffer Care Some possible companions are: mollies, scats, monos, archerfish, bumblebee gobies, and other GSPs.

Can Green spotted puffers live with African cichlids?

Green spotted puffers, aka gsp, t. nigroviridis, are brackish puffers that need full marine conditions as adults and would not be able to live in a fw environment with cichlids.

What fish can live with a freshwater puffer fish?

Some species, like Dwarf, Redeye and Golden Puffers, can be kept together or with other fast-moving fish like danios. Others, such as Mekong, Nile and Mbu Puffers, must be kept solitary. For the most part, freshwater puffers should be considered species tank fish.

Can green spotted puffer fish live with other fish?

The green spotted puffer is a highly aggressive fish that may attack and kill any other fish or critter in the tank. Many puffer keepers feel they should not be kept with any other fish species or even other puffers. It is usually wise to keep a GSP alone in a single-specimen tank.

Are puffer fish good pets?

In contrast to more common pet fish, puffer fish require very good water quality, a lot of aquarium space, and a good diet. They’re definitely not starter pets. You’ll need to remain with your puffer fish often, as it requires feeding once a day, and possibly more if it is kept around other fish.

Can puffer fish live with guppies?

No, guppies and pea puffers should not be kept together.

Are figure 8 puffers brackish?

Figure 8 puffers are native to the brackish (slightly salty) waters of Southeast Asia from Indonesia to Thailand. They are also sometimes found in nearby freshwater. They prefer slow moving rivers and calm coastal areas. At the museum they are in our brackish tank which is set up as a mangrove habitat.

Can African cichlids live with angelfish?

African cichlids and angelfish can get along, but it is not without careful research and consideration. Make sure to choose species of African cichlid that are not very aggressive, as they can and will harass your angelfish, which are a semi-aggressive species.