What engine does a Ram 4500 have?

What engine does a Ram 4500 have?


How much can a Ram 4500 dually tow?

4500 Chassis Cab – 29,770 lbs (GCWR 37,500 lbs)

How much can a 2014 Ram 4500 tow?

If you’ve loaded the bed to its 8640-pound payload capacity (including the flatbed), that number will grow substantially. For the record, the truck you see here will tow 15,950 pounds, while the stoutest 4500 (with the diesel) can tug 24,650 pounds.

What is the difference between RAM 4500 and 5500?

That’s because the RAM 4500 and 5500 are almost identical. The main difference between the two lies in their trailering capability and Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR). These two models have higher numbers in both ratings than the 3500, and the 5500 is more capable than the 4500 in these areas.

What is the difference between a Dodge 3500 and 4500?

The RAM 3500 and 4500, with their standard engines, are comparable in many aspects, but the 4500 far outshines the 3500 Regular Cab pickup in GVWR, payload, and towing capacity. When specifically equipped, the 3500’s max towing capacity hits almost 26,000 lbs, while the 4500 reaches almost 30,000 lbs.

Can you get a Ram 4500 with a pickup bed?

Ask TFL: Ram and GM should Make 4500/5500 HD Trucks with Pickup Beds to Carry More! You can always buy a Ram HD 4500 or 5500 and then buy an 8-foot dually bed separately to install yourself. You just need to make sure you are getting the correct wheelbase to match with an 8-foot bed.

Do I need a CDL for a Ram 5500?

An Under CDL license allows you to drive a vehicle with a weight of 26,000 lbs. or less. Additionally, any equipment mounted on a Dodge Ram 5500 or Ford F550 would be considered under CDL as well.

Are there any Ram 4500 trucks for sale?

The sale price includes the body. For sale is a New 2020 Ram 4500 Regular Cab 4×4, HD 12′ Flatbed/Platform Body Work Truck with Hitch.MAX TOW PACKAGE -inc: Add 4.44 A… See More Details

What kind of engine does a Dodge 4500 have?

2008 Dodge Ram 4500HD Service/Utility Truck, Cummins 6.7L Diesel Engine, 6 Speed Automatic Transmission, Dually, 4×4 – 4 Wheel Drive, Manual Transfer Case, Auto Hubs, Hydraulic Brakes, Spring Suspe… See More Details 2008 RAM 4500 WRECKER TRUCK WITH A CENTURY311 EXPRESS SERIES BODY & 250,288 MILES.

Is there a 2014 Ram 3500 for sale?

Still, expect game-changing features from a new heavy-duty Silverado, which is due in the next year. Autotrader has 241 Used RAM 3500 cars for sale, including a 2014 RAM 3500 2WD Crew Cab Laramie, a 2014 RAM 3500 2WD Crew Cab Longhorn DRW, and a 2014 RAM 3500 4×4 Crew Cab Laramie.

How big is a 2011 Ram 4500 Crew Cab?

2011 RAM 4500 Crew Cab DRW 2WD CLEAN! southern rust free 2011 Ram 4500 Crew Cab SLT Gooseneck Flatbed, Nice CM 9ft. 4in. All Side Skirted Gooseneck Flatbed with tool boxes mounted on all 4 sides…