What engine do Fsae cars use?

What engine do Fsae cars use?

The restrictor keeps power levels below 100 hp in the vast majority of FSAE cars. Most commonly, production four-cylinder 600cc sport bike engines are used due to their availability and displacement.

What is tractive system accumulator?

The Tractive System is the part of the Vehicle that carries the. current to power your motors. This includes all the High. Voltage equipment’s like Accumulator, Inverters, motors and. the motor controller.

How many Fsae teams are there?

140 teams
Again, a neat and very well integrated design. This year’s competition has set a new record with 140 teams registered to compete.

Who is Claude Rouelle?

Claude started OptimumG in his home in 1997, and continues to serve as the company’s visionary. His enthusiasm is as infectious today as it was when he began working in the industry in 1979. Claude served as technical representative for Reynard Motorsport. He also won the Formula 3 championship with ORECA.

How do you build a Fsae car?

These are steps to design a Formula SAE car:

  1. Read the rules.
  2. Figure out what the perfect team is.
  3. Use a lap simulator to define vehicle specs, but read RCVD and Tune to Win first.
  4. Design a reliable car (i.e. parts won’t break).
  5. Manufacture and assemble your car.

How do you calculate EV battery?

Divide the load power by 1,000 for a value in kilowatts. Divide the power of your battery (also in kW) by the figure obtained to get the charging time. First calculate your load power (P), by multiplying the voltage (U in volts) by the current (I, in amps).

What is tractive system master switch?

Description. Master switch with removable key and rubber cover to waterproof the switch when the key is removed. This switch has 4 external contacts and 2 internal to cut both the alternator and the ignition preventing engine run-on. This is a top-quality, reliable kill switch. Pole.

Who is driving the 2016 Formula SAE Electric Car?

Race teams often design their pedals specifically for a particular driver. The 2016 electric racecar will be driven by many different drivers. This does not diminish the importance of a well-designed pedal assembly. Background: The University of Akron’s electric formula SAE race team is working on only its third car.

What’s the average weight of a Formula SAE car?

There is no weight restriction. The weight of the average competitive Formula SAE car is usually less than 440 lb (200 kg) in race trim.

How big does air restrictor have to be for FSAE cars?

An air restrictor of circular cross-section must be fitted downstream of the throttle and upstream of any compressor, with a diameter no greater than 20mm for gasoline engines, forced induction or naturally aspirated, or 19mm for ethanol-fueled engines. The restrictor keeps power levels below 100 hp in the vast majority of FSAE cars.

What are the requirements for an electric car?

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering ABSTRACT The design requirements for the new electric powertrain were the ability to deliver the peak power of 80kw allowed by rules and meet the mass goal of 23kg. Rear wheel independence needed to be maintained either through a multi-motor design or a differential, but with vehicle