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What does TSN stand for hockey?

What does TSN stand for hockey?

The Sports Network

Launched September 1, 1984
Website TSN

Does TSN cover NHL?

TSN Hockey (formerly the NHL on TSN and The NHL Tonight on TSN) is the blanket title used by TSN’s broadcasts of the National Hockey League.

Are NHL games on TSN or Sportsnet?

Sportsnet owns 14, while TSN owns 26 this season. Their 42 national games are on Sportsnet.

How much did TNT pay for NHL?

Turner Sports has reached a seven-year deal with the NHL for the package that’s worth $225 million per season, sources confirmed.

What does TSN stand for in aviation?

TSN – Time since New (applies to engine components); refers to aerospace or a time measurement relative to the suitability of equipment to an aircraft.

What is BarDown TSN?

BarDown is a new site, powered by, which features a combination of viral, you-gotta-know-these sports stories, and fun, informative original stories and videos that draw from a variety of influences from around the web and the world of pop culture.

Why is NHL blacked out?

For the NHL specifically, blackouts are present to allow regional sports networks to broadcast as many games as possible. “Blackout restrictions exist to protect the local television telecasters of each NHL game in the local markets of the teams. Blackouts are not based on arena sell-outs.

What happened to Liam McHugh?

Former NBC Sports host Liam McHugh will join Turner Sports as the WarnerMedia outlet prepares for its first season of NHL telecasts under a new rights deal, joining hockey great Wayne Gretzky, and a new team of analysts and sportscasters devoted to coverage of the sport.

What is TSN Stabd?

The Sports Network. TSN. The Sporting News. TSN. Time-Sensitive Networking (IEEE standards)

Is the NHL on TSN the same as the NHL?

TSN Hockey (formerly the NHL on TSN and The NHL Tonight on TSN) is the blanket title used by TSN’s broadcasts of the National Hockey League.

When did TSN lose the cable rights to the NHL?

After holding the Canadian national cable rights to the NHL from 1985 to 1998 and again from 2002 to 2014, it was announced in November 2013 that TSN and Bell Media had lost these rights to Rogers Communications and Sportsnet as part of an exclusive, twelve-year media rights deal that took effect in the 2014–15 NHL season.

Who are the announcers for the NHL on TSN?

Other broadcasters used by TSN include play-by-play announcers Dan Shulman (1994-1998), Pierre Houde (1996–97), Vic Rauter (2002-2003), and Dave Randorf (2002-2014); and colour commentators Ryan Walter (1993-1998), Randy Gregg (1994-1995), Glenn Healy (2003–08), and Mike Johnson (2010-2014).

Where can I find the latest NHL trade rumors?

Read about the latest TSN trade rumors, news, injuries and more on All trade rumors are sourced from Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger and their website. This tsn rumor page is updated frequently so check back often to get all the latest trade rumors from your favorite NHL team.