What does the Variax cable do?

What does the Variax cable do?

The Variax Digital Cable powers Variax Electric, Acoustic, and Bass, while digitally sending audio which eliminates extra digital-to-analog conversion, and allows you to automate Variax patch changes with the foot controls of PODxt Live, Bass PODxt Live, and Vetta II’s FBV� foot controller.

What is Variax guitar?

Variax is the name of a line of guitars developed and marketed by Line 6. They differ from typical electric and acoustic guitars in that internal electronics process the sound from individual strings to model (replicate) the sound of specific guitars and other instruments.

How good is variax?

Variax Standard Rocks Looks good, plays good. The preset models all sound really good to me. I haven’t yet gone very deep into the Workbench software to make my own presets but it seems to be a fairly straightforward process. My main playout gig is at church and I’ve used the VS a few times for that.

What is Workbench HD?

All-New Workbench HD Software Featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Workbench HD provides full control over scores of important instrument characteristics such as string pitch, string volume, pickup position and much more.

What do you need to know about Variax cable?

All you need is the Variax Digital Interface Cable to make your rig complete. When you plug your Variax into PODxt Live using the Variax Digital Input Cable, that single cable supplies power to the Variax, digitally sends audio from your Variax to the PODxt, and allows you to automate Variax patch changes with the foot controls of PODxt Live.

Can you plug a Variax guitar into PODxt live?

When you plug a Variax� instrument into POD�xt Live, Bass POD� xt Live, or Vetta� II using the Variax Digital Input Cable, you can seamlessly integrate a Variax’s collection of guitar or bass models with the ultimate collection of amps, cabs, and effects.

Can a Variax guitar be used as an amplifier?

What it does not have are the magnetic pickups that the new ones do. The new versions also have a far more powerful DSP (processor), better piezo saddles. All of the Variax models can be used direct into an amplifier like any other guitar, using a standard guitar cable. There’s a battery pack built into the back of the guitar that powers them.

Is the Variax 300 Guitar worth the money?

As one person put it, the 300 is so cheap it would be worth it if all it did was the sitar.