What does the serotonin tattoo mean?

What does the serotonin tattoo mean?

Serotonin Tattoo Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in mood regulation and controlling feelings. Those with a serotonin tattoo may have it as a reminder to stay happy and calm. So you can be the one to have control over your happiness and mental wellbeing.

Why do people get the serotonin molecule tattoo?

The most common reason why people choose to get a serotonin tattoo is because of the feeling of happiness associated with it. People who choose this tattoo want to show that they are happy. This drug in our body is activated when we see something or someone that makes us happy.

What does HO NH nh2 mean?

serotonin chemical formula, ho-nh2-nh neurotransmitter of happiness, tattooed in black, on the left… | Cool small tattoos, Small chest tattoos, Neck tattoo for guys.

What does oxytocin tattoo mean?

‘Trust Me’ Oxytocin Tattoo Designs Oxytocin is known for intensifying feelings of love or hate in a relationship and when this oxytocin molecular design is combined with words like ‘Trust me’ as this wearer has done in this image, it makes a profound impact on the significance of the design.

What do Fern tattoos mean?

A fern symbolizes your youthful side and your new chapter. If you wish to embrace and express your new journey through a tattoo – know that this one is a sincere way to do it. This is also a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness, ideal for new chapters and any new journey that is about to happen in your life.

Why do people get dopamine tattoo?

Small Dopamine Tattoo Designs Dopamine tattoo is preferred by people because it helps them feel more joy and happiness for life and anything that they do.

What tattoos symbolize mental health?

Semicolon. If you know, you know. The mental health tattoo that started it all: A semicolon tattoo through the lens of mental health is a symbol of solidarity between those of us who live and struggle with a mental illness or who have lost someone to suicide.

What is a molecule tattoo?

Molecular tattoos are also a great alternative to script as each symbol represents a specific chemical compound that can be within the human body or through scientific manipulation. …

What is the chemical equation for love?

But wait, it turns out that love does have a chemical formula! C8H11NO2 + C10H12N2O + C43H66N12O12S2 or in other words Dopamine + Serotonin + Oxytocin = LOVE. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter famous in popular science for its connection to pleasure and reward.

Why do people get fern tattoos?

What does a dead head moth tattoo mean?

One of the main and obvious meanings behind a dead head moth tattoo is that it is a symbol of death. Many cultures and civilizations used the dead moth as a sign of death or something dark. If you look at the tattoo design closely, you will see a small skull face in the middle of a dead moth.

What kind of tattoos do the Grateful Dead have?

50 Grateful Dead Tattoo Designs For Men – Rock Band Ink Ideas 1 Forearm Grateful Dead Tattoos 2 Arm Grateful Dead Tattoos 3 Sleeve Grateful Dead Tattoos 4 Back Grateful Dead Tattoos 5 Calf Grateful Dead Tattoos 6 Thigh Grateful Dead Tattoos 7 Hand Grateful Dead Tattoos 8 Skull Grateful Dead Tattoos 9 Leg Grateful Dead Tattoos More

Are there any cool tattoos for Deadheads to get?

Then there are those Deadheads who remain loyal by paying homage in a more permanent fashion with some phenomenal, cool tattoos. Sometimes a particular song lyric can hold deep meaning. Others go for a more bold approach, using well-known album art from the likes of Steal Your Face.

Why do we have tattoos on Day of the Dead?

Symbolically speaking, the basic purpose of the Day of the Dead Art Tattoos is to commemorate the loved ones of the bearer, who are no longer in this world, but have reached their heavenly abodes.