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What does the Flippen Group do?

What does the Flippen Group do?

The Flippen Group is committed to developing, supporting, and enhancing minority, veteran, disadvantaged, and women’s enterprises by involving them to the greatest extent feasible in the procurement of goods, equipment, and services for our business.

What do you learn in LeadWorthy?

LeadWorthy™ is a class in which students develop leadership, professional, and business skills. Students will develop an understanding of Emotional Intelligence and the skills it measures, which include self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, and social skills.

Who owns Flippen Group?

Flip Flippen
Flip is founder and chairman of Flippen Group, one of the fastest-growing educator training, corporate talent, and team development companies in North America. Flippen associates give themselves relentlessly each day to “Building relationships and processes that bring out the best in people.”

What is a Capturing Kids Hearts training?

Capturing Kids’ Hearts is a two-day training where you’ll learn how to build high-performing teams in your classroom and become part of a high-performing team with the other participants. You’ll be excited about your classroom’s potential and equipped with tools so you will love teaching, now more than ever!

What is a Flippen profile?

The Flippen Profile report provides you with a unique fingerprint of how you view yourself and how you are perceived by others. The data, descriptions, and interpretations all provide insight on where you are and help point you to actions for further improvement.

What is the meaning of Flippen?

(intransitive) to go berserk, to flip. (intransitive) to act out of the ordinary, for example having an epileptic attack.

What does CEO stand for in Leadworthy?

What does CEO stand for? chief executive officer.

What are all effective leaders seeking?

what are all effective leaders seeking?…

  • feeling good about who you are.
  • having a regard for others.
  • knowing your standards and values.
  • exercising self-discipline.
  • being flexible.
  • excepting criticism.
  • not feeling overwhelmed by you weakness.

What does SEL mean in education?

social and emotional learning
We define social and emotional learning (SEL) as an integral part of education and human development.

What is Flippen?

Is Flippen a swear word?

AE dictionaries do suggest that it is a mild swear word. Some people are apt to take offense-real or feigned-at mild swear words, and still use such words themselves.