What does the ending of Once More to the Lake mean?

What does the ending of Once More to the Lake mean?

At the end of the essay, as White watches, his son, who is insisting on swimming in the lake, pulls down an icy cold, soggy set of bathing trunks from the line and winces as he puts them. However, White’s own chill is metaphoric, not literal. It represents his realization of his own mortality.

What is the thesis of Once More to the Lake?

The thesis of this beautifully written essay is that one’s existence is fleeting, while certain elements of life, such as the enjoyment of youth, continue forever for different generations. In this memoir, White returns with his son to the bucolic Maine lake where he summered as a child.

What rhetorical mode does EB White employ throughout Once More to the Lake?

White is effective in illustrating his purpose by using techniques such as logos, ethos, pathos, and imagery to encourage his audience to be aware that their own lives are inevitably growing older each day.

What is the purpose of Once More to the Lake?

E. B. White’s “Once More to the Lake” is a deeply personal essay and clearly has more than one purpose. One reason for writing is to record his memories of a place he loved as a child and the experience of revisiting it as an adult.

What is White’s argument in Once More to the Lake?

White’s essay “Once More to the Lake” presents an argument for the perpetuation of the cycle of life. As White travels with his son to the lake where he spent his childhood vacations, he documents a variety of emotions and realizations.

Do you think White expects the ending of his essay to surprise his audience?

The ending of the essay does not come as a surprise. White has spend most of the essay talking about the lake’s changes and the passage of time; to reflect upon the passage of time in relation to himself and to take the step to reflect upon his mortality is a natural progression.

What does the lake symbolize in Once More to the Lake?

Even though the lake has changed over the years, it remains a lake that the author can visit. It stands as a reminder of his childhood experiences. In this regard, the lake sheds light on the benefit of having some form or degree of permanence in life.

What is the audience of Once More to the Lake?

Audience:The authors audience would be himself because he is writing a familiar memory as if he was writing in a diary. Purpose:The purpose for the author writing this essay is to express and reflect the memory of his childhood and the enjoyable experiences he has had.

What was the setting of once more to the lake?

White’s vivid 1941 personal essay, ‘Once More to the Lake,’ the lake serves as the setting for both the author’s past and present. Early on, White reflects on his own childhood when his father would take him to the lake. He then explains that now he is taking his own son to that very same lake.

What happens at the end of once more to the lake?

However, E.B. White talks alot about time and how time is changing. He is watching his soon do the things that he used to do and brings back his memories. He is probably starting to feel that his time is coming to an end and soon his son will become him and he will become his dad.

What does the last sentence in once more to the lake mean?

Overall, this essay is talking about the circle of life they White have wrote about. The meaning of the last sentence is basicly that he felt that everything was about nature and the relaxed lake the beautiful smell of evreything. He felt in his own world and that nothing could happen there.

What does E.B White say in once more to the lake?

In the essay, E.B White talks alot about how the lake is timeless and gives him a feeling of time freezing.