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What does text is meaningless without context mean?

What does text is meaningless without context mean?

You can listen to John Green’s response to being top of the hit list here! He said: “Text is meaningless without context. “In context, the novel is arguing really in a rather pointed way that emotionally intimate kissing can be a whole lot more fulfilling than emotionally empty oral sex.”

Is a collection of facts without context?

Data is a collection of facts in a raw or unorganized form such as numbers or characters. However, without context, data can mean little.

Is data useless without context?

Final Thoughts. In the end, data is meaningless without context and without context, you cannot turn data into information. This is turning data into information. Then you can use that information to make actionable plans to lower renewal prices so that you’ll keep more customers.

Who said a text without a context is a pretext?

Quote by Tom Carson: “A text without a context is a pretext for a pro…”

Why are John Green books banned?

Kentucky – Marion County parent complained about book being included on 12th grade english, “calls the novel “filth” and lists his fear that the book would tempt students “to experiment with pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol and profanity.”” The book was removed from circulation until the school committee reached a …

Why is John Green banned?

The ban comes after a complaint from a parent that the book contains profanity and references to sex. Green responded to the ban on his Tumblr page, after a fan asked for his reaction: “I guess I am both happy and sad,” he writes.

Can we interpret a document without its context Why?

Any time critical analysis is required, you may need to consider historical context as well. Without historical context, we are only seeing a piece of the scene and not fully understanding the influence of the time and place in which a situation occurred.

Why do we need data context?

The addition of context is particularly crucial for realizing value from big data, which by nature of its volume must be automatically processed. Explored in context, it may be able to identify external causes for the increase, and that information might be used to guide future business decisions.

What is meaningless data?

Noisy data is meaningless data. The term has often been used as a synonym for corrupt data. However, its meaning has expanded to include any data that cannot be understood and interpreted correctly by machines, such as unstructured text.

What is a text without context?

Text without Context is Pretext OR A Text taken out of context , is a Pretext for a Proof-text. We have to look at the CONTEXT of the word (how it is used) , the chapter, the book , and ultimately the whole bible.

What is context and pretext?

As nouns the difference between context and pretext is that context is the surroundings, circumstances, environment, background or settings that determine, specify, or clarify the meaning of an event or other occurrence while pretext is a false, contrived, or assumed purpose or reason; a pretense.

Can a text without a context be a pretext?

A Text Without a Context Is a Pretext. In other words, a scripture read without thought to the surrounding verses is easily misconstrued. Each verse lies inside a chapter. Each chapter inside a Book, inside a Testament, and inside the whole of Scripture.

Do you take meaning from the Bible without context?

We all have our pet beliefs and ideas of what the Bible says, but we must hold all of that loosely and let it go all together when we study scripture. You take meaning from scripture, not read meaning into it. Secondly: In other words, a scripture read without thought to the surrounding verses is easily misconstrued.

Can you have all the data in the world without context?

Simply put, we can have all the data in the world available to us, but unless we understand the context in which it’s presented, and the actions that will drive based on our analysis, we’re as effective as driving at night with the lights off.

Is it good to read the Bible out of context?

Entire cults are formed based around a single scripture taken out of context. It’s good to read the Bible. It’s better to read it and understand what is being communicated.