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What does primal peashooter do?

What does primal peashooter do?

Primal Peashooter is the first plant obtained in Jurassic Marsh in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He is the primal version of Peashooter. Every 2.85 – 3 seconds, he shoots a rock-like pea that immobilizes a zombie for 1 second and has a 50% chance to knock it back by a tile.

Is Peashooter a boy or girl PvZ?

Flaming Pea and Fire Peashooter are both female.

Is Peashooter a good plant?

Electric Peashooter is a great plant against Jester Zombies since these peas can hit them without getting deflected, even though they are projectiles. He can also hit Excavator Zombies and Shield Zombies directly since the projectiles penetrate their shields (shovel and force field, respectively).

What is Peashooter max level?

After the new update, plants may now level up. Once he reaches max level, the Peashooter can kill a Basic Zombie with two shots, and once in level 20 (max level for common plants) only costs 25 sun and gains lime-colored glowing peas trailing magical essence, with an approximate of 110 damage per shot.

What is a pea shooter gun?

The peashooter (sometimes spelled pea-shooter or pea shooter) is a toy version of the blowgun or blowpipe. It is usually a tube that launches its projectiles via blowing.

Which Peashooter is the best?

Peashooter. Best: Agent Pea.

  • Chomper. Best: Hot Rod Chomper.
  • Cactus. Best: Zen Cactus.
  • Citron. Best: Frozen Citron.
  • Rose. Best: Fire/Party Rose.
  • Kernel Corn. Best: Party Corn.
  • Foot Soldier. Best: Super Commando.
  • Engineer. Best: AC Perry/Roadie Z.
  • What is a Peashooter gun?

    Is a peashooter a weapon?

    The Peashooter is the assault character of Team Plants. Their fully automatic weapons, explosive chili bean, and hyper mode makes them the perfect character to use when on the frontlines, eliminating as many Zombies as possible.

    What does primal Peashooter do in Plants vs Zombies 2?

    Primal Peashooter, whose projectiles do very little damage for the cost, is not a damage plant like Peashooter or Repeater but more like Kernel-pult which does some damage but is mainly used for its stall ability. Primal Peas have a 100% knockback rate and knock zombies back one tile. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Choose up to 7 games

    Who is immune to rock pea in Plants vs Zombies?

    The zombies immune to its knockback capability are Jurassic Bully and Jurassic Rockpuncher. Due to its knockback effect, stunned zombies that are knocked back will no longer be immobilized. In Chinese version, Each rock pea does 70 damage per shot at level 1 but his stun duration is reduced to 0.5 seconds.

    Can you use primal Peashooter with celery Stalker?

    Primal Peashooter shouldn’t be paired with Celery Stalker, Stunion, or any lobbed-shot plants with exception of any that deals splash damage, since it is possible that the peas will knock back the zombies and make Celery Stalker vulnerable, the stun effect from Stunion will be undone and the lobbed projectiles are more likely to miss their targets.

    Can you use primal Peashooter with Jelly Bean?

    Primal Peashooter is also a great addition to a Bouncing deck with Jelly Bean, because every time Primal Peashooter hurts a zombie, Jelly Bean will get +1 /+1. However, only Green Shadow, Citron, and Beta-Carrotina can boost Primal Peashooter’s health to use it for long.